Fishtank Consulting Experts Recognized as 2024 Sitecore MVPs

Meet Fishtank's 2024 Sitecore MVPs and discover how their expertise contributes to advancing digital strategies and solutions for our clients

Five Sitecore MVP Wins for Fishtank

We are proud to kick off 2024 by celebrating five remarkable individuals from our team who have been honoured with Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Awards. This award is a significant acknowledgment from Sitecore, highlighting individuals who contribute substantially to the community's knowledge base and help evolve the platform's use to deliver outstanding digital experiences.

Selected from more than 16,000 certified developers and over 30,000 active community participants, the 247 MVPs of 2024 are truly an elite group. This year’s MVPs were selected by a panel of Sitecore employees – ranging from developers to members of the executive team – for the quality, quantity and impact of the contributions they made in 2023. This includes he sharing of product expertise and advanced knowledge of the Sitecore platform to support partners and customers.

Introducing Fishtank’s 2024 Sitecore MVPs

Fishtank Consulting Sitecore 2024 MVPS

This year, we celebrate both new and familiar faces amongst our MVPs, each bringing their unique strengths and passions to the forefront:

Dan Cruickshank, President and Founder, has once again been named an Ambassador MVP, solidifying his place as a leader globally recognized by Sitecore this year. Celebrating his 11th consecutive MVP award, Dan's sustained commitment and pioneering contributions continue to influence the Sitecore community at large. His standout contributions for 2023 include:

David Austin, Technology Lead, was named one of the 147 Technology MVPs. This marks his third time being awarded, a testament to his persistent excellence and deep technical expertise in driving forward-thinking solutions, especially in XM Cloud. His top articles of 2023 include: 

Derek Bairstow, Vice President, has been distinguished as a Sitecore Ambassador MVP, placing him among only 69 professionals worldwide who have been honoured for their remarkable ability to merge technical know-how with strategic execution. Derek's key insights for 2023 include: 

Theresa Gutierrez, Sitecore Strategist, has been celebrated as one of the 31 Strategy MVPs. She's recognized customer-focused methodologies that have driven success for both Fishtank and our clients. Top insights for 2023 include:

Robyn James, Content Strategist, has also been recognized as a Strategy MVP, making her another of only 31 global recipients. Her dedication to Content Hub advocacy and her editorial work on the Sitecore Snack newsletter have established her as a prominent voice in the Sitecore space. Her major takeaways for 2023 include:

About Sitecore MVP

The Sitecore MVP Program recognizes outstanding community leaders who share their expertise, enthusiasm, and real-world experience with others. It encompasses various categories, including Technology, Strategy, and Ambassador, each highlighting different aspects of Sitecore mastery and community involvement.

Technology MVP

Technology MVPs are recognized for their technical expertise with the Sitecore platform. These individuals are often known for their ability to innovate and provide solutions within the Sitecore ecosystem. They actively share their knowledge through various channels such as blogs, social media, forums, and speaking engagements at conferences or user groups. Their contributions help other developers and technical professionals to better understand and utilize Sitecore's capabilities, driving forward the platform's technical community.

Strategy MVP

Strategy MVPs are recognized for their understanding and strategic use of Sitecore to drive business results and customer experiences. These professionals typically have a strong grasp of marketing, content strategy, user experience, and customer journey mapping. They contribute by sharing insights on how to leverage Sitecore's features to achieve digital marketing objectives, improve user engagement, and enhance overall digital strategy. 

Ambassador MVP

Ambassador MVPs are distinguished for their leadership within the Sitecore community and beyond, often acting as bridges between Sitecore and the wider industry. They are knowledgeable about the latest Sitecore offerings and work closely with Sitecore partners, customers, and other stakeholders. Ambassadors are adept at influencing decision-makers, providing valuable product feedback, and contributing to the growth of the Sitecore community through advocacy, networking, and thought leadership.

Sitecore MVP = More Value (for Our) People

Five Sitecore MVPs on our team means access to cutting-edge knowledge and insights directly from the forefront of Sitecore development and strategy. Their expertise not only enriches our internal knowledge base but also ensures that we are always aligned with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

For our clients, the impact is multifaceted. Having MVPs on board means that the strategies and solutions we develop are informed by some of the most skilled and recognized professionals in the Sitecore community. This level of expertise allows us to tailor our solutions more precisely to meet the unique business goals and challenges of our clients. Whether it's through personalized content strategies, advanced technical integrations, or optimizing user experiences, our MVPs play a crucial role in delivering high-value outcomes that drive success.

Congrats, 2024 Sitecore MVPs!

Congratulations to all 2024 Sitecore MVPs! Your exceptional work is so important to the broader success of the Sitecore community.

As we celebrate this accomplishment, we also look forward to the innovative perspectives and expertise our MVPs will continue to bring to our projects. Their leadership not only enhances our internal capabilities but also ensures our clients benefit from the most advanced and effective Sitecore solutions available.

For more insights on how our Sitecore expertise can help your business, or to connect with our MVPs, email us.

Meet Robyn James

Content Marketing Strategist | Sitecore Strategy MVP


Robyn brings over ten years of experience crafting impactful content marketing and communications solutions for a number of high-profile brands. With diverse sector experience—including healthcare, energy, tourism, hospitality, and telecommunications—she has a deep knowledge set and the ability to easily adapt to differing industry needs.

Robyn is adept at blending data-driven research with a pragmatic approach to creativity, delivering results that inform audiences, change perceptions, or inspire action. In her spare time, she enjoys digital painting, reading, and being a pet mom to her fluffy brood of three.

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