What’s New in Sitecore? Introducing XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate

Get a comprehensive look at Sitecore’s freshest product offerings and their implications for enterprise businesses.

Elevate Your Digital Presence With Sitecore's Newest Additions

Last week at Sitecore DX Minneapolis, Sitecore introduced two new products: XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate. These products aim to simplify and accelerate the journey to a cloud-based digital experience, eliminating the barriers of perceived complexities in making the switch. The offerings underscore the benefits of cloud solutions, which include faster integrations, seamless technology updates, and an enhanced customer experience.

Let's take a closer look at what these offerings are and the tangible benefits clients can anticipate.

Sitecore XM Cloud Plus: More Than a Sequel

Sitecore’s introduction of XM Cloud Plus, an evolution of last year's XM Cloud, signals a commitment to refining cloud CMS experiences. This product captures Sitecore's vision of providing businesses with a unified, comprehensive tool that doesn’t just simplify the cloud transition but enhances every aspect of it. It's an embodiment of efficiency, integrating AI-powered search, content management, and analytics into a seamless experience.

Here's what we know so far (i.e., the marketing spiel):

  • Unified Content Management: Beyond just managing content, XM Cloud Plus empowers users to craft, refine, and present stories that resonate, all in real time.
  • Precision Personalization: Harnessing the power of AI, Plus crafts recommendations that align with each user's journey, paving the way for a tailored experience.
  • Consistent Content Across Channels: Its integrated repository ensures that a brand's voice remains consistent, irrespective of where the audience interacts.
  • Effortless Tech Synergy: XM Cloud Plus isn't about reinventing the wheel. It effortlessly integrates with existing tech infrastructures, enriching the overall user experience.
  • Streamlined Form Creation: An intuitive system that simplifies the creation and integration of data capture forms, making audience interactions even more valuable. (Yay! Finally, forms!)

What's the difference between Sitecore XM Cloud and XM Cloud Plus?

XM Cloud Plus is essentially a packaged suite of Sitecore solutions that, on top of XM Cloud, includes Sitecore Search, Sitecore Connect, and Sitecore CDP & Personalize. Essentially, XM Cloud Plus includes all of the 'add-ons' you'd purchase and add to your tech stack individually if you were to just move forward with XM Cloud. This packaged offering is meant to help businesses streamline their switch to the cloud.

XM Cloud Plus Solutions 

What's the difference between Sitecore XM Cloud Plus and XP?

Lots. Obviously, the biggest difference is that XM Cloud is a SaaS product. But further than that:

Feature Sitecore XP Sitecore XM Cloud Sitecore XM Cloud Plus*
AI-Powered No Yes Search
Analytics Yes No CDP & Personalize
Content Management Yes Yes
Components No Yes Search
Experience Edge No Yes
Headless Frontend Yes Yes
Integrations and Connectivity No No Connect
Personalization Yes No CDP & Personalize
Workflow Yes Yes

*Indicates which products included in the XM Cloud Plus package have the noted features. Remember, Sitecore XM Cloud Plus builds on XM Cloud, so blank cells indicate the feature is already fulfilled via XM Cloud.

Seamless Cloud Migration With Sitecore Accelerate

Recognizing that many companies are hesitant about moving to the cloud due to perceived difficulties—such as cost considerations, data security concerns, and system compatibility issues—Sitecore developed Accelerate to guide brands through migration.

Sitecore Accelerate provides a comprehensive roadmap tailored for brands that are currently on XP, XC, or XM. This guided program leverages Sitecore consultants, technologists, and product experts to help steer brands toward SaaS. Key areas will include assessing current needs, building a business case for XM Cloud, XM Cloud Plus, or OrderCloud, creating a plan for implementation, and offering post-launch support. I'm not sure how this will complement Partner work and development, but it's an exciting endeavour nonetheless.

By offering a structured path, Accelerate seeks to minimize typical migration challenges, enabling businesses to save time and resources. Sitecore's CEO, Steve Tzikakis, emphasized the program's intent to empower brands like never before by giving them guidance, reassurance, and actionable assistance throughout their cloud transition journey. 

Sitecore's Next-Gen AI

Sitecore's AI is a strategic evolution intended to cater to the nuanced needs of today's dynamic brands by refining every touchpoint with surgical precision to make each interaction truly count.

Hyper-personalized content, once an aspirational goal, is now within reach. Sitecore's Generative AI empowers brands to shape content uniquely relevant to each user. The ripple effects of this are substantial—when communications resonate on a deeply individual level, not only does customer satisfaction see a boost, but conversion rates often follow suit.

Beyond engagement, there's the promise of enhanced operational efficiency. Advanced content authoring tools within Content Hub DAM are set to revolutionize content adjustments, cutting down the time spent on revisions. And when users search? They find what they're looking for faster, thanks to AI-driven search capabilities that truly understand user intent, reducing bounce rates and enhancing overall user engagement.

For brands aiming for dominance in a competitive digital landscape, these aren't just features—they're game changers. The opportunities Sitecore's Generative AI provides could very well be the difference between being a market leader and just another player in the game.

Final Thoughts on Sitecore's Innovations

Sitecore's release of XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate signals a clear strategy to streamline the cloud transition process for brands. Key enhancements, particularly in content management and personalization, suggest a focus on real-world utility. This approach offers businesses a clearer path to leverage technology effectively and create meaningful digital experiences.

For those contemplating their next steps in the digital journey, these innovations from Sitecore provide an opportunity worth exploring. The emphasis on practicality and efficiency underscores their commitment to meeting contemporary business needs head-on.

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