Sitecore XM Cloud Forms and Other Alternatives

Evolution of Sitecore Forms: Navigating the Transition to XM Cloud

Sitecore Forms, introduced in Sitecore 9.02, revolutionized the way users interacted with forms by providing a comprehensive suite of functionalities. From user-friendly front-end interfaces for form creation to robust back-end interfaces and databases facilitating submission tracking and export capabilities, Sitecore Forms seamlessly integrated with EXM (Email Experience Manager) and Sitecore XP marketing automation. This integration allowed for tracking engagement, triggering personalization, and unlocking gated content.

Despite its capabilities, Sitecore Forms often found itself integrated into various systems such as CRMs, marketing automation platforms, or stand-alone databases. However, the introduction of XM Cloud posed both a challenge and an opportunity to the existing forms landscape.

The Challenge: Data Migration and Complex Integrations

For clients who invested years in Sitecore Forms, especially those with numerous forms and intricate integrations, the challenge lies in data migration. While customers who integrated form submissions into external databases or CRMs may find the transition smoother, those relying on Sitecore as the database face a more intricate process.

The Opportunity: Composability and SaaS Solutions

XM Cloud, aligning with Sitecore's focus on composability and SaaS solutions, presents an opportunity for users to have more flexibility in managing forms. The emphasis on composability allows for greater choice in selecting solutions to meet specific needs.

Sitecore Forms in the XM Cloud Era

Despite its absence at the initial launch of XM Cloud, Sitecore Forms is set to make a comeback, with an estimated release in January 2024. The initial iteration will offer basic functionality, lacking complex features like multi-page forms, multi-step forms, drag-and-drop file uploads, and extensive field validation. Notably, Sitecore Forms will shift its role to being solely a front-end tool, with no back-end database support. This implies a necessity to integrate Sitecore Forms with external solutions for data capture.

Given the anticipated timeline for full enterprise readiness—potentially by mid-2024 or later—clients migrating to XM Cloud in the next few months may need to explore alternative solutions.

Exploring Alternatives: Enterprise-Ready Forms Solutions

CRM Forms

For immediate enterprise-ready solutions, CRM platforms like Dynamics, Salesforce, or HubSpot offer robust forms functionality, allowing form creation, management, embedding on websites, and actionable insights into submission data.

Netlify Forms

Netlify, known for front-end rendering, also provides a comprehensive forms solution with both front-end and back-end database support. This is an ideal choice for clients seeking a complete solution without immediate integration requirements.

Standalone Form Solutions

Several standalone solutions, such as Wufoo Forms, JotForm, Formstack, and Headless Forms, offer diverse features for creating, managing, and integrating forms. Our team can assist in research and tool selection based on your preferences.

Custom React Forms

While building custom React forms allows for front-end customization and integration with back-end databases, it lacks a user-friendly interface for form creation. This option is best considered as a last resort for specific scenarios.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Forms Solution

When deciding on a forms solution, consider factors such as:

  • Cost: Evaluate licensing costs and implementation/maintenance expenses.
  • User Requirements: Assess the needs of users creating and managing forms, including interface preferences and required functionalities.
  • Long-Term Strategy: Consider the organization's direction, preferred tools/platforms, and integration plans.

Fishtank stands ready to assist in finding the right solution and providing detailed migration plans to seamlessly transition from existing solutions to new ones.

Happy Forming!

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