Fishtank Achieves Sitecore XM Cloud Specialization

Charting New Depths: Fishtank Consulting achieves Experience Manager Cloud (XM Cloud) Specialization through proven leadership and customer success.

Certified in XM Cloud Digital Excellence and Expertise

As a Sitecore Strategist and 2024 Sitecore Strategy MVP at Fishtank Consulting, I am thrilled to announce that we’ve earned our Sitecore specialization in Experience Management Cloud (XM Cloud).

Sitecore XM Cloud Certification

At Fishtank, we have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in meeting product enablement requirements and showcasing a proven track record of customer success across numerous XM Cloud implementations. This achievement underscores Fishtank's commitment to helping our clients maximize their Sitecore investment through maximized technical expertise and meaningful customer experiences.

Fishtank is more than just another Sitecore partner. Our proven approach creates strategic advantages and drives the Sitecore community forward. Since the introduction of XM Cloud, we have been dedicated to Sitecore's transition to the cloud and the integration of SaaS products. With over 100 knowledge articles spanning Sitecore's SaaS offerings, Fishtank has established itself as a leader in the Sitecore community.

Fishtank’s Journey into XM Cloud Leadership

By mid-2022, Fishtank made a decisive commitment to Sitecore’s new SaaS digital experience platform and the spectrum of composable products that came with XM Cloud. This strategic decision laid the groundwork for our immersion into XM Cloud. Our first implementation was in January 2023, positioning Fishtank as one of the first Sitecore partners to help our clients make the move to XM Cloud.

With a strategic focus on leveraging the capabilities of XM Cloud, Fishtank initiated development efforts aimed at delivering cutting-edge digital experiences to clients. Over the past year and a half, we’ve been dedicated to honing our expertise specifically in XM Cloud. Through continuous learning and hands-on experience, we have cultivated a profound understanding of XM Cloud, enabling us to deliver more modern digital solutions to clients.

Today, a significant portion of Fishtank's workforce—75% to be exact—is dedicated to XM Cloud projects. This dedicated team ensures that Fishtank remains a leader at the forefront of XM Cloud innovation, equipped to tackle diverse projects across various industries and sectors.

More About Fishtank Consulting

Since 2015, Fishtank’s mission has been simple: to be THE trusted Sitecore partner through unparalleled expertise, bold innovation, and a relentless commitment to redefining digital success.

Fishtank is an award-winning full-service digital consultancy providing end-to-end digital experiences, empowering brands to make unforgettable connections with their customers. Our clients also benefit from the expertise of five Sitecore MVPs on the Fishtank team. This means access to cutting-edge knowledge and insights directly from the forefront of Sitecore development and strategy.

Our expertise in XM Cloud extends across a diverse range of projects, encompassing public-facing websites, portals, government initiatives, and professional services platforms. By leveraging XM Cloud's versatility and scalability, Fishtank delivers tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project, ensuring optimal outcomes for clients.

With a robust portfolio of XM Cloud projects, Fishtank has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of cloud-based digital experiences. Having completed many XM Cloud projects to date, Fishtank demonstrates its proficiency in delivering successful outcomes and driving digital transformation for clients across industries.

Shoutout to Our Amazing Team!

Special recognition goes out to the first group of the Fishtank team that earned their XM Cloud certifications we are just getting started!

  • Dan Cruickshank
  • Jeff L'Heureux
  • Mike Payne
  • John Flores
  • David Austin
  • Anju Thomas
  • Arjun Chatterjee

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