Fishtank Wins Rising Star Award From Sitecore

Celebrating a landmark achievement in our history of enterprise SaaS implementation.

Fishtank: Sitecore's Rising Star

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been honoured with the esteemed Rising Star award from Sitecore!

Receiving this award goes beyond personal accomplishment—it's an endorsement of our effective strategy and innovative vision in the realm of SaaS and digital transformation. This recognition highlights the success of our strategic partnership with Sitecore, a collaboration marked by shared aspirations, mutual respect, and synergy in leveraging technology to deliver superior results.

Fishtank Wins Sitecore Rising Star Award

Sitecore Partner Awards: The Gold Standard

The Sitecore Partner Awards are the ultimate recognition of excellence in the realm of digital experiences. These prestigious awards honour partners who have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our customers' needs and a commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes. By leveraging Sitecore's cutting-edge technology, these partners have crafted solutions that redefine what's possible, driving remarkable success stories across industries. 

The SaaS Path to Excellence

Our strategic shift towards SaaS projects, notably the Sitecore XM Cloud, has been a game-changer. We have harnessed the power of cloud technology, redefining the limits of digital possibilities and delivering experiences that exceed expectations. We envision cloud technology as a catalyst for unrivalled customer value and business growth, and Sitecore XM Cloud has been instrumental in helping us realize this vision.

We firmly believe that cloud technology holds the key to unlocking unparalleled customer value. With Sitecore XM Cloud at our side, we've harnessed its limitless potential to craft digital solutions that drive business growth and transform our clients' fortunes. The power of the cloud has become our secret weapon, propelling us to the forefront of innovation and paving the way for unprecedented success.

Focusing on Impactful SaaS Solutions

Our recognition as a Rising Star by Sitecore is a tribute to our team's extraordinary efforts. Our president, Dan Cruickshank, emphasizes the significance of this achievement: "Receiving the Rising Star award reinforces the passion and hard work that our team pours into every project. We have embraced SaaS projects, like Sitecore XM Cloud, as a strategic focus, enabling us to deliver exceptional customer value."

"Our strategic shift to SaaS and cloud-based solutions has unleashed a new era of digital agility and scalability. This has enabled us to deliver groundbreaking digital experiences, adapt quickly to market changes, and offer our clients cutting-edge solutions sans the heavy hardware costs or maintenance," says Dan. "The Rising Star award validates our impact in the SaaS realm, strengthening our reputation as a trusted industry leader."

Staying Ahead With SaaS

This recognition not only celebrates our past achievements but also ignites our passion for reaching new heights in the future. We are thrilled about our ongoing SaaS projects and the exciting ventures ahead in our pipeline. These initiatives showcase our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, delivering innovative and scalable digital experiences that drive success for our clients.

The true value of this award lies in what it represents for our customers. It's an assurance that when you choose Fishtank, you are opting for a partner recognized for excellence, innovation, and the capacity to deliver meaningful, impactful digital solutions. This award reinforces our promise to go the extra mile to unlock exceptional value for all our clients, propelling brands towards unparalleled growth and success.

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