Fishtank Wins Multiple Sitecore MVP 2023 Awards

2023 Sitecore MVP Ambassador Award

2023 Sitecore MVP Award

2023 Sitecore MVP Technology Award

We are proud to announce that David Austin, Technical Team Lead, and Dan Cruickshank, President, have been named 2023 Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) by Sitecore, the global leader in digital experience management software!

The Sitecore MVP distinction is awarded only to the best leaders in the Sitecore community, who are masters of the platform and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with other Sitecore users.

With more than 16,000 certified developers and over 30,000 active community participants, this year’s elite group of 241 Sitecore MVPs contributed invaluable knowledge to the community in 2022. They demonstrated true mastery of the Sitecore platform to support partners, customers, and prospects.

Our Winners

David is being honoured among only 137 Sitecore Technology MVPs worldwide for the second time and Dan is being honoured among only 74 Sitecore Ambassador MVPs worldwide for the tenth consecutive year - that’s a decade of Sitecore excellence!
David Austin of Fishtank Consulting Wins Sitecore MVP 2023 for Technology

David Austin, Technical Lead

David is now a two-time Technology Sitecore MVP with an undying passion for the platform. He goes above and beyond to share what he's learned and wants to help others succeed.

"I'm truly honoured to be a part of a stellar group of individuals and the Sitecore MVP community at large. My Sitecore journey has allowed me to share what I've learned and learn from those who've shared," David shared. The Sitecore development community is like no other where everyone is keen on finding a solution. Winning for the second time is so rewarding because I've been able to help others overcome their challenges by sharing solutions to the obstacles I've had.
- David Austin, Technical Lead, Fishtank Consulting
Dan Cruickshank wins Sitecore MVP for 10 years running in 2023

Dan Cruickshank, President

Dan is one of a few MVPs to reach the 10-year milestone. He has dedicated over a decade of thought leadership, expertise, and passion for web development to the Sitecore global community.

"Any time your work is recognized it's special, but this year in particular being named a Sitecore MVP is quite an honour. I've dedicated the majority of my professional life to Sitecore and working with its technologies - nearly 15 years. So to have won 10 consecutive MVPs is something of a milestone and something I'm grateful for. This path has been marked with great people and great customers who I thankful for. I love my job and everyone at Fishtank. Lastly, I would also be remiss to not mention that I have 5 more than Jordan and 6 more than Lebron.”
- Dan Cruickshank, President, Fishtank Consulting

Fishtank Loves Sitecore ❤️

Our mission at Fishtank Consulting is to ensure all users are getting the most out of Sitecore, so contributing meaningfully to the Sitecore community is high on our priority list.

Having Sitecore MVPs as leaders at Fishtank Consulting means that our clients are always receiving unique knowledge and expertise to get the most out of Sitecore. We have experts across the board from development to marketing, ensuring all clients achieve their goals successfully.

Congratulations David and Dan!

About Sitecore MVP Awards

Sitecore Technology MVP

Winners in the Technology category are experts and come with a wealth of technical experience and knowledge. They are actively involved in the Sitecore community by sharing their skills and expertise with developers, marketers, strategists, Sitecore partners and customers.

A Sitecore Technology MVP is someone who’s a quality blog writer, an excellent presenter, and a helpful forum member, who is dedicated to the Sitecore community.

Qualities of a Sitecore Technology MVP include:

  • Creates original quality content (blog posts, podcasts, videos)
  • Provides forum answers
  • Is active in the Sitecore Slack channels
  • Is involved on the Sitecore Stack Exchange
  • Contributes to an open-source module
  • Speaks at events like User Groups or Symposium
  • Participates and engages in conversations on social media
  • Provides valuable product feedback

Sitecore Ambassador MVP

Winners in the Ambassador category are masters when it comes to the latest Sitecore offering. They are able to influence partners, industry stakeholders, customers, and key decision-makers when it comes to Sitecore. They provide valuable product feedback, and supply references and case studies.

A Sitecore Ambassador MVP is someone who has a solid knowledge of the latest Sitecore offering and works for a Sitecore partner or customer that works with Sitecore. They offer product feedback, contribute to Sitecore counsels, and provide references and case studies. They are a key stakeholder when it comes to Sitecore’s execution at their company.

Qualities of a Sitecore Ambassador MVP include:

  • Are on top of the latest Sitecore offering
  • Drives business to Sitecore
  • Is an active participant in the Sitecore Advisory Counsels
  • Is an internal or external Ambassador of Sitecore
  • Provides valuable product feedback
  • Supplies references + case studies

Sitecore Strategy MVP

Winners in the Strategy category are experts in data-driven marketing that help businesses achieve their goals using Sitecore. They thrive on sharing their knowledge and experience with customers, users, and implementation teams.

A Sitecore Strategy MVP is someone who knows the ins and outs of marketing features in Sitecore to drive results. They’re an expert in creating world-class digital experiences through strategies + tactics like personalization, content strategies, UX, data, and best practices.

Qualities of a Sitecore Strategy MVP include:

  • Has significant experience with data-driven marketing
  • Helps businesses get the most out of their Sitecore investment
  • Has great knowledge of Sitecore Experience Cloud
  • Contributes thought leadership on the digital customer experience (strategy, content, UX, and analytics)
  • Provides customers value + references of successful Sitecore projects

What Perks Do Sitecore MVPs Get?

Being a Sitecore MVP comes with a number of benefits including:

  • Global recognition as a Sitecore expert and community leader
  • Early access to product releases and privileged resources
  • Direct access to product teams and kick-off webinars
  • Invitations to exclusive Sitecore MVP discussion forums
  • Connect with your regional Sitecore team + peers in regional Sitecore MVP meetings
  • Exclusive invitation to the MVP Summit (Executive insight into product + company strategy)
  • Licenses for Sitecore software (Sitecore Platform: XP and XC, Developer Collection: TDS and Razl, Feydra: Front-End Development Tool, Avtor: Content Control Tool)
  • Discounts to Sitecore events SUGCON + Symposium

2023 Sitecore MVP Facts

  • 20% of Sitecore MVP awards were given to first-time recipients
  • 2023 MVPs come from 30 countries and over 80 companies, with the most representation in the US, UK, Australia, India, and the Netherlands
  • Argentina and Barbados are new additions to the MVP list
  • Total MVP Winners: 74 Ambassador MVPs, 30 Strategy MVPs, and 137 Technology MVPs
  • Full list of 2023 Sitecore MVP winners

Get in Touch

If you'd like to get in touch with our Sitecore MVPs, send a message to [email protected].

Sitecore MVP FAQs

Who can become a Sitecore MVP?

The Sitecore MVP Program is open to anyone who works with Sitecore products. The title is awarded to those who share their expertise with the community This can be done through a number of channels including writing blog posts, giving presentations or webinars, and/or simply being active on the community platform or other channels.

How to become a Sitecore MVP?

Check out this video to learn how to become a Sitecore MVP:

How do I apply to become a Sitecore MVP?

You’ll need to create an account and fill out an MVP application. It’s recommended to give detailed and complete answers as all information is taken into consideration when reviewing your application.

When do Sitecore MVP applications open up?

Applications typically open in November (for the exact dates, follow Fishtank on Twitter).

When do I find out if I’ve won?

Applications are reviewed over the course of December and Sitecore finalizes the winners’ list in early January. Sitecore MVP Awards will be by the end of January. Sitecore MVP Awards are typically announced by the end of January.

Where can I connect with other aspiring Sitecore MVPs and current MVPs?

You can create a topic in General Discussion forums, ask questions on Sitecore StackExchange, or get involved on the Sitecore Slack channels. You can also attend upcoming Sitecore events like Sitecore Hackathon 2023 (March 4–5, 2023) and the Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON)(March 23-24 in Malaga, Spain).