A personalized website experience.

Display completely relevant and targeted content to every visitor on your site based on their previous behaviour, browsing and visit history, and other characteristics like their location, or gender.

Personalization is the key to winning business

According to research conducted by Salesforce, over 85% of consumers want to be treated as a person, not a number.

Personalization made simple.

Personalize your website based on the visitor's:

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Why do I need Sitecore personalization?

  • Faster conversion rate
  • Better website user experience
  • More items per sale
  • Increased average transaction value
  • Improved retention rate

Sitecore Personalization FAQs

What is Sitecore Personalization?

As Sitecore defines it, “Personalization is the method for displaying targeted, relevant content to your contacts based on their characteristics and behavior, such as location, gender, or previous visits. With personalization, you can ensure that the right content reaches the right contacts, for example, by showing, hiding, or adjusting content.”

There are many ways to personalize in Sitecore through:

  • Explicit behaviour when a users clicks or provides data, like answering a survey, typing keywords in the search field, marking or saving an item as a favourite, adding an item to their cart, or filling out a form. You can improve your rule-based personalization by adapting with explicit behaviour activity insights.
  • Implicit behavior when a user visits a specific landing page or follows a specific page path on your website. You can improve your predictive personalization by adapting with implicit behaviour activity insights.

A few direct examples of Sitecore personalization include:

  • Show different content to website visitors based on their geographic location
  • Hide a registration or sign up form from contacts who have previously filled it out
  • Change the copy in a hero banner based on a visitor's referring site

Why should I personalize in Sitecore?

It’s almost a visitor expectation at this point. With the amount of available options for consumers to choose from, you need to asure every visitor feels special. Visitors want to be show relevant content personalized to their interests.

Personalization offers up that unique experience for every visitor based on their previous engagements with your site. You’ll offer them up content to create a memorable digital experience on your site.

According to an Accenture survey in 2018, 48% of consumers have left a company’s website and made a purchase elsewhere. The only reason: the experience was poorly curated.

When a visitor senses they’re receiving a catered experience, they are more likely to convert and retain their customer loyalty.

What are the benefits of Sitecore Personalization?

  • Get to know your customer/audience better
  • Create amazing user experiences
  • Generate more conversions and happy customers

Does Personalization come with Sitecore XP?

Yes! To use Sitecore Personalization, you’ll need:

  • Sitecore XP (version 8.1 or higher)
  • A valid xConnect certificate
  • To make sure your xConnect is working

How do I get started with Personalization?

We’ve got a blog series with the 411 on Sitecore Personalization, but do send us a message to [email protected] to learn more.

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