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Nurture prospects at every stage.

We create Sitecore marketing automation campaigns that drive leads, retain customers and improve your brand experience.

Why do I need Sitecore marketing automation?

Modern marketing is all about the journey.

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Improved conversion rate.

Through personalized offers and communication.

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Increased productivity.

By capturing hot leads that are ready to convert.

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Faster conversions.

Through lead nurturing.

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Retain existing customers.

Through more personal communication.

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Free-up resources.

With on-boarding campaigns.

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Improved brand perception.

Through a personalized experience.

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What's in it for me?


A marketing campaign that's designed to convert, onboard, or keep your customers.


Developing the assets and elements for your campaigns, like the email templates, landing pages and forms.

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Setting up the automation workflows, like triggers and actions, scoring, and goals, as well as developing any custom fields required for the campaigns.


Monitoring campaign results and making changes to ensure you're reaching your goals.

Marketing Automation FAQs

What is Marketing Automation in Sitecore?

Sitecore Marketing Automation allows you to automate campaigns with easy to use drag and drop builder. The set of marketing automation tools enables you to:

  • Enroll contacts in automation campaigns
  • Use defined rules to evaluate contacts
  • Execute certain marketing actions for individual contacts

Marketing automation campaigns allow you to decide how your brand interacts with a website visitor based on their activities. You can use marketing automation campaigns to build relationships with your customers by switching up the content and media depending on a visitor’s actions to deliver a more relevant experience. These actions trigger the automation campaign based on the rules and conditions you set for when a certain actions or series of actions are performed by the visitor.

What does Marketing Automation do? Why do I need it?

To keep it simple, marketing automation provides you with a set of tools to help you to streamline personalization at every step in a customer’s journey based on their interactions. This will save you precious time and allow you to automate showing relevant content to your visitors based on a predetermined set of rules and conditions.

The bottom line is that marketing automation does the work for you after your initial set up. This means you can automate email campaigns without having to manually hit ‘send’ or manually add a contact to a marketing campaign list. Marketing automation will do this for you!

Sitecore Marketing Automation simplifies the process of serving up the right content to at the right time to every website visitor. Sitecore Marketing Automation helps you identify your audience, create the right content, and then automatically trigger actions based on how a visitor engages which saves you time and increase your ROI.

What are the benefits of Marketing Automation?

Marketers know that data doesn’t lie, so we know that Marketing Automation works. It can help your business increase your ROI and grow.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Generating more qualified leads
  • Forming better relationships with customers
  • Having better customer experience from personalization
  • Collecting more data for deeper insights
  • Building a 360 degree view of your audience
  • What are some best practices of Marketing Automation?

    • Define your marketing goals
    • Collaborate with your sales team
    • Use detailed diagrams to create visual workflow process
    • Determine you customer segments
    • Build your content out for those customer segments
    • Plan your marketing automation launch in stages
    • Test your campaign early on
    • Analyze as you go to see what works and what doesn’t
    • Optimize your campaign for the next roll out

    What does Marketing Automation mean for the customer journey?

    Customer journeys are the result of individual personalized experiences with your brand. With marketing automation, you can tailor every interaction based on user data to create ongoing, seamless journeys through every brand touchpoint.

    Is Marketing Automation easy to use?

    Yes! Marketing Automation is all about ease of use. You can create campaigns in Sitecore with an easy to use drag and drop builder. Sitecore allows you to control digital marketing strategy in one place and analyze with visual dashboards. If you’re unsure where to start or want to know more about creating a marketing automation strategy, send us a message to [email protected].

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