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Keep your website in top shape.

In today's digital age where your website is your brand's most important storefront, keeping your website in top shape is more important than ever.

A regular Sitecore audit is important to ensure your site is performing as it should be.

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What's in it for me?

Best practice alignment

  • Thorough examination of your front & back end-infrastructure, code, content & information architecture
  • We ensure you're upgraded to the latest Helix framework
  • Hard-coded content review
  • Component reusability, site security and an A.I. cyclomatic complexity analysis
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User experience review

  • Server load testing
  • Accessibility review
  • Site search review
  • Responsiveness & mobile optimization testing
  • Image optimization and handling
  • Design & styling
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Marketing performance

Performance optimization

  • SEO
  • Tag consolidation & implementation
  • Site speed tests
  • Page component & optimization testing
  • Bounce & conversion rate review
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Marketing features

  • Social media integration
  • Marketing automation
  • A.I./personalization
  • Sitecore analytics

Sitecore Audit FAQs

What is a Sitecore Audit?

A Sitecore Audit is a complete technical assessment of your existing Sitecore instance. It should be conducted by certified Sitecore experts who know Sitecore like the back of their hands. This typically means a certified senior developer or architect. You’ll want to select a Sitecore Partner who has multiple audits under their belt and case studies to share. Check out Fishtank’s work here.

Sitecore audits are the most useful when major changes or important decisions are to be made in the upcoming future. The outcomes of an audit will not only show your executives and key decision makers a high-level overview, but also allow your technical team to gain deep insights and recommendations on what’s to come next.

When should Sitecore Audits be performed?

You’re not happy with your current Sitecore Partner
It’s not Fisthank’s first rodeo taking over a project from another partner falling short. If you’re relationship with your existing partner isn’t going how you want it to and you’re ready to move on, or you’ve recently severed ties - we’ve got you covered. Let’s get back on track by finding out what went wrong and how we can fix it together.

You have concerns that your existing Sitecore partner didn’t implement things correctly
If you suspectyou current partner didn’t implement things quite right, or is struggling to meet your performance or deployment expectations, it’s time for a Sitecore Audit from a different Sitecore partner. 

A Sitecore Audit can give you the evidence you need to hold your current partner accountable for their work or the justification to end your contract with them. It can help you better understand what has gone wrong and possibly how to fix it. If it’s too far gone, then circle back to “You’re not happy with your current Sitecore Partner”.

You want to up your internal team’s Sitecore game with extneral expertise
If you have an internal Sitecore support team, but they’re saying they need a fresh set of expert eyes on their projects, a Sitecore Audit can be very beneficial for new implementations and development.

What are the benefits of a Sitecore Audit?

Sitecore Audits are not evil or supposed to be scary. They’re a healthy step in the implementation process and help keep you on the right path.

If you’re starting off with a new Sitecore Partner, or need to get a project back on track, Sitecore Audits are a great starting point to see where everything’s at. They’ll let your Sitecore Partner:

  • Have a clear picture of your current Sitecore implementation
  • Know if they’re fully ready to support your specific Sitecore project and not cut any corners
  • Provide you with fact-based insights about what needs to be done for your implementation

What happens after a Sitecore Audit?

A Sitecore Audit produces a detailed report on actions that should be taken to fix current work, or suggestions for improvement on upcoming projects.

Your Sitecore Audit will give everyone a concise, third-party perspective on the overall state of your Sitecore implementation and where improvements can be made to optimize your business’ environment.

Consult with your Sitecore Partner on the next steps forward.

How do I schedule a Sitecore Audit?

If you’re interested in learning more about how a Sitecore Audit can help your business, get in touch with us at Fishtank at [email protected]. We are here to help and get you on the right path.

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