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North America's best international airport.

A custom built Sitecore training portal featuring custom videos, documentation and search to train and empower YVR’s marketing and website management team.

Meet YVR

YVR is a community-based, not-for-profit organization and world class sustainable hub airport in Vancouver, British Columbia that has over 26 million visitors per year from around the globe.

Committed to constantly improving the airport for everyone while supporting their region, YVR has been named Best Airport in North America for 11 years in a row.


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Custom built training portal

Screenshots of the YVR Airport Training Portal

A Custom Digital Training Portal

With a growing marketing team YVR needed a solution for training and empowering new team members on managing and making changes to their Sitecore website. Fishtank developed a custom digital training portal for YVR, which features detailed instructions on everything a content author needs to know about managing the website, in extreme detail. The training portal has comprehensive training documentation, videos, a search solution, and links to other important resources.

Screenshots of the YVR Airport Training Portal

Detailed Training Documentation

Fishtank wrote custom, detailed training documents on every aspect of managing YVR’s website that were published as pages in the training portal. The documents feature screenshots, screen recorded videos with custom branding and voice over recordings, contents menus and anchor tags, so anyone can update YVR’s website with ease, no matter how experienced they are with Sitecore.

Screenshots of the YVR Airport website

Screenshots of the YVR Airport Training Portal

Custom Training Videos

To ensure all YVR website users have the knowledge and instructions to make an update to the site and feel comfortable with authoring in Sitecore, Fishtank created custom videos to go with the training documentation. The videos are branded for YVR, have a voice over and show exactly how to perform each action that a content author, website manager or marketer might need to do to keep the website updated.

Screenshots of the YVR Airport Training Portal

Empowering Content Authors

Fishtank’s training portal ensures that YVR’s marketing and website management teams are empowered to update and manage website content, no matter how much Sitecore experience they have. It also empowers YVR by freeing up internal resources and making the training process much more efficient. YVR can now hire new marketing team members who can be off to a flying start managing the website.


Empowering content authors with the training they need to manage and make changes to the YVR website.

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Customized Training Portal

Equipped their growing marketing teams with the training and resources they need to manage and make changes to the site.

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Highly Detailed Documentation

Fishtank wrote custom training documentation with rich visuals for every publishable aspect of the site.

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Branded Instructional Videos

Visual explanations with voiceovers to accommodate every type of learner to ensure they can accurrately update the site.

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Empowering Content Authors

YVR can free up internal resources and can now more efficiently onboard any new team member with this training portal.

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