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Tourism Saskatchewan

Developing and promoting tourism in Saskatchewan.

An A.I. powered search solution that promotes and markets Saskatchewan’s hunting and fishing outfitters and experiences to out of province travellers and locals.

Meet Tourism Saskatchewan

Tourism Saskatchewan is a Treasury Board Crown Corporation that promotes Saskatchewan as a tourism destination through marketing and the development of sustainable and culturally diverse tourism experiences.

While Tourism Saskatchewan focuses mainly on promoting the province to visitors, they also provide education and training, support and other resources to the five industries that make up the Saskatchewan tourism sector: Accommodation, food and beverage, travel services, transportation, and recreation and entertainment.


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Coveo for Sitecore implementation

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Sitecore website build

Screenshots of the Tourism Saskatchewan Hunt & Fish Website

Advanced, A.I. Outfitter & Content Search Engine

To help promote hunting and fishing outfitters, Fishtank developed an outfitter search solution and website search engine on the Tourism Saskatchewan Hunt and Fish website that allows tourists, anglers and hunters to easily find hunting and fishing outfitters in Saskatchewan, while also promoting Saskatchewan businesses.

Screenshot of the Tourism Saskatchewan Hunt & Fish Website

TripAdvisor Integration

Fishtank integrated the search solution with TripAdvisor to display TripAdvisor traveler ratings for each search result and allow visitors to filter and sort by TripAdvisor ratings. This allows visitors to compare outfitters based on their ratings all without leaving the website.

Screenshots of the Tourism Saskatchewan Hunt & Fish Website

Screenshots of the Tourism Saskatchewan Hunt & Fish Website

Advanced Filtering & Sorting

Advanced filtering and sorting allows visitors to quickly and easily find the information they’re after, whether that’s an outfitter, travel deal or other content. Visitors can filter by outfitter categories, fish and hunt species, services, locations, access, amenities, activities, equipment rental, food and beverage, language services and more, and can also sort by relevancy or Tripadvisor rating.

Screenshots of the Tourism Saskatchewan Hunt & Fish Website

Visual Search Results Display

Outfitters in the outfitter search engine are labelled by their outfitter type with a fish or hunt icon, as well as a description, TripAdvisor rating and a display image. Search results are labelled accurately by their content type and a description so visitors can see what type of content each result is before clicking on it, and content is also able to be filtered by relevance or date.

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