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SMART Technologies

Inventor of the original SMART Board.

Content strategy and copywriting to help promote SMART’s event presence and build trust and credibility with the brand among key decision makers.

Meet SMART Technologies

Inventor of the original SMART Board, SMART Technologies is an award-winning leader in providing collaboration software & interactive display technology.

SMART’s technology empowers teachers, students and teams to learn and collaborate in innovative ways, improve their learning outcomes and move businesses forward.


  • Education technology


We only use industry leading technologies to build high performing solutions.

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Sitecore XP

Content strategy, copywriting & SEO for their Sitecore website.

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Improved Brand Presence, Lead Generation & Sales

To help SMART improve their brand presence, promote their new products and increase the number of sales opportunities at events, Fishtank created an event content strategy. The strategy addresses the needs of SMART’s ideal customers, builds trust and credibility with the brand and attracts them to SMART’s event booth on the day.

Screenshots of the Smart Tech website

Targeting Key Decision Makers

While SMART saw success with their previous event foot traffic, they wanted to attract more decision makers to their event booths. To help SMART reach this goal and also improve the attendance of SMART’s hosted events, speeches and demonstrations, Fishtank created an omni-channel content strategy that specifically targets decision makers, and promotes SMART’s event attendance and products.

Screenshots of the Smart Tech website

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SEO Content Optimization

To increase SMART’s event landing page traffic, Fishtank analyzed SMART’s buyer personas, conducted keyword research and audited their existing content to create an actionable optimization plan. We then wrote copy for blog articles that were optimized for ideal and high search volume keywords to attract SMART’s buyer personas to their event landing pages using organic channels, and funnel them to a conversion.


A content strategy to increase brand awareness and create content that engages each buyer persona.

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Brand Awareness Strategy

Brand awareness strategy that builds trust and credibility.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Omni-channel content strategy to engage key stakeholders at SMART events.

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Website Optimization For SEO

Using keyword research to create optimized copy for high volume keywords, to funnel to conversions.

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Content Strategy

Convert at every stage of the buying cycle.

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Sitecore Support

Maintenance and urgent support work.

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Sitecore Personalization

Display relevant and targeted content to your website visitors

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