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Servus Credit Union

Alberta’s largest credit union and the second largest in Canada.

A migration from SharePoint to Sitecore, with enhanced and new features while keeping the website’s core functionality.

Meet Servus Credit Union

A member-owned, community-based financial institution. Servus Credit Union was formed in Alberta during the depths of the Great Depression. Built by the people, for the people as a way to keep local farms and businesses in operation, Servus contributed to the province’s economic recovery.

Since its humble beginnings, Servus Credit Union has become Alberta’s largest credit union, and the second largest in Canada, with more than 100 branches and nearly 380,000 owners, committed to improving their members’ financial fitness.


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  • Financial Advice


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Migration from SharePoint to Sitecore

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Azure PaaS

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Screenshots of the Servus Credit Union website on multiple devices

From SharePoint To Sitecore

Servus Credit Union wanted to take their website and content management to the next level, while also utilizing the latest digital marketing features. They chose Sitecore as their new CMS for its powerful marketing, analytics and content management abilities. Fishtank seamlessly migrated their website from SharePoint to Sitecore.

Screenshots of the Servus Credit Union website on an iPhone

Enhanced Features, Core Functionality

Servus wanted to keep their previous website’s functionality and design feel. Fishtank redeveloped the site keeping the core functionality in place, while creating new and enhanced features and components that give Servus Credit Union a more powerful content management experience, and achieve their organizational goals.

Screenshots of the Servus Credit Union website on multiple iPhones

Screenshots of the Servus Credit Union website on an iPad and iPhone

Building Brand Reputation Through Blogging

To help Servus Credit Union build their brand identity and reputation, Fishtank developed a blogging functionality for the site that allows Servus Credit Union to publish long-form content and articles. The blog has helped Servus Credit Union build a sense of community, become more trustworthy and have more authority in their industry, with an added bonus of boosted organic traffic and increased backlinks.

Screenshots of the Servus Credit Union website on an iMac and iPad

Easy To Author

Fishtank knows marketers have a lot on their plates and the last thing they want to do is fiddle with new pages or be locked into a restrictive page type. Fishtank built a component library for Servus Credit Union that makes it easy for their marketing team to build landing pages and make their visions come to life, without the constraints of set-in-stone templates.


A SharePoint to Sitecore migration that unlocked the latest digital marketing capabilities.

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SharePoint To Sitecore Migration

Upgrading to Sitecore gave Servus access to powerful marketing, analytics, and content management abilities.

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Same Design, Upgraded Functionality

Upgraded content management functionality and enhanced marketing features while keeping the same look-and-feel.

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Building Community Through Blogging

Building trust and authority is easier than ever with Servus’ new blogging functionality for long-form content.

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Content Authoring Made Easy

A library of flexible component templates makes authoring and scalability a breeze.

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