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NuScale Power

Providing clean and reliable carbon-free nuclear energy.

A new Sitecore website build and migration to the cloud to empower NuScale’s people and raise awareness of their advances in nuclear technology.

Meet NuScale Power

NuScale provides advanced, scalable nuclear technology for producing electricity, clean water and heat. They are changing the world with cleaner, safer and more efficient power that leaves a small environmental footprint.

Since their founding in 2007, NuScale has commercialized America’s first SMR, which offers a carbon-free, scalable power plant solution that improves safety, affordability and flexibility for diverse electrical and heat applications.


  • Energy
  • Nuclear Power
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  • Engineering


We only use industry leading technologies to build high performing solutions.

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Sitecore XP

Net-new website build in Sitecore

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Sitecore Marketing Automation

Infrastructure setup, optimization and support

Screenshot of the new website build for NuScale

A New Website & Powerful Transformation

NuScale needed a new CMS that gives them more control and flexibility, a separation of content and presentation, while also allowing them to use the latest digital marketing features. Sitecore was selected for its extremely powerful capabilities and Fishtank migrated NuScale to Sitecore with a low-IT solution in just a few months.

Screenshot of the new website build for NuScale on an iPad

Flexible, Reusable Components To Empower Content Authors

As the tech leader in the clean energy space, NuScale has impressive technologies and projects to show off. Fishtank developed reusable and flexible components that empower their content authors and allow NuScale to build rich, scalable pages that are free from template restrictions while also catering to a wide variety of scenarios.

Screenshot of the NuScale new website build on iPads

Screenshot of the new website build for NuScale on an iMac and iPad

Improved Brand Awareness

To educate the market and raise awareness of small modular reactor technology, Fishtank developed rich text components that allow NuScale to inform, educate and promote their products with long-form content that's engaging and informative.

Screenshot of the new website build for NuScale on an iPad and iPhone

Hosted Environments To Minimize IT Overhead

An implementation of Sitecore Managed Cloud and Azure PaaS infrastructure gives future scalability and minimizes NuScale’s IT overhead. This allows NuScale to be infrastructure ready and focused on managing the customer experience, and not the technology.


Empowering NuScale's marketing team with a new and rebranded Sitecore website and migration to the cloud.

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A New Sitecore Site

A new website build that offers more control, flexibility, and the latest digital marketing capabilities.

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Scalable Pages With Flexible Components

Content authoring is easier than ever with pages built to scale and free from template restrictions for a variety of uses.

Discovery icon with a blue background

Improved Brand Awareness

Promoting NuScale's latest nuclear technology advancements using components that are both engaging and informative.

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Cost-Effective Low IT Solution

An implementation of Sitecore for Managed Cloud and Azure PaaS infrastructure reduces NuScale's IT overhead.

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