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Pioneers of SMR technology.

How a Sitecore redesign elevated NuScale's web presence to industry leader status.

Meet NuScale 👋

Say hello to NuScale Power: trailblazers shaking up the energy industry with cutting-edge small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) technology.

NuScale has achieved phenomenal growth in just a few short years, and their successful public debut in 2022 was a testament to their innovative approach. However, their previous website couldn't keep up with their rapid expansion, leaving NuScale unable to meet the demands of an ever-growing audience.

To communicate their pioneering spirit and cutting-edge technology to a wider range of stakeholders, NuScale needed a redesigned website that accurately captured their brand essence and showcased their industry leadership. 

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The Challenge ⛰️

NuScale Power faced a significant challenge in their expansion—their website couldn't keep up with the pace of the company's growth. The site had other issues too:

  • Overall landscape lacked flexibility and limited brand growth.
  • Content wasn't consistent, strategic, or targeted for goal conversion and user experience.
  • Design did not reflect NuScale's technical acumen and groundbreaking work.


The Solution 💡

To address these challenges, NuScale required a strategic website redesign that would not only transform their online presence but also help them connect more meaningfully with their audiences.

The new website needed to:

  • Deliver targeted content when and where their audiences needed it.
  • Effectively communicate NuScale's value proposition.
  • Provide intuitive and personalized user journeys.
  • Be optimized to improve visibility, relevance, and user experience.

The Technologies 🌐

To best showcase NuScale, we built their new site exclusively using best-of-breed software solutions.

Sitecore Headless

A powerful content management system that allows businesses to create and distribute personalized digital experiences across multiple channels and devices.


A versatile and innovative open-source framework that allows developers to build scalable and high-performance web applications with ease.

Sitecore Personalize

An AI-powered platform that enables businesses to deliver individualized experiences across all customer touchpoints and improve customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion rates.

Sitecore CDP

A powerful customer data platform that aggregates and unifies customer data from multiple sources to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers, enabling them to deliver personalized and engaging experiences.

Coveo Search

An AI-powered search and relevance platform that delivers personalized, relevant information across multiple channels.

Sitecore Send

An email marketing platform providing advanced features for creating, managing, and analyzing email campaigns.

"I can’t thank you all enough for making this project a success. It has been such a privilege to work with this team."

Manager, Digital Marketing & Web Services, NuScale

The Services 💼

The road to a successful website launch requires a team with diverse expertise. You've got web designers crafting cohesive visuals, developers coding front- and back-end components, SEO specialists tweaking things to make Google happy, and content creators churning out words like it's nobody's business. 

It takes a village—or in this case, a bunch of web-focused experts—to make a website come to life. For NuScale’s rebuild, our team provided a wide range of services, including:


Content Audit

Conducted in-depth research, including user surveys, competitive analysis, a qualitative strategic assessment, and a full page inventory.


Content Strategy

Crafted a strategic plan to optimize content for user journeys and goal conversions while simplifying the journey for improved engagement.


SEO Optimization

Performed a winning combo of keyword research, page optimization, and the setup of SEO features to improve visibility and relevance.


UX/UI Design

Undertook UX research on user behaviour, designed low and high fidelity mockups, and refreshed design to better reflect NuScale’s brand identity.


Web Development

Implemented intelligent search and personalization capabilities, developed intuitive components and page templates, and launched a site that exceeded NuScale's digital goals.


Marketing Automation + Personalization

Added top-tier segmentation capabilities and flexible data export options to gain deeper insight into new audiences allowing NuScale to deliver more customized experiences.


Image of NuScale Sitecore redesign screens

The Result 🎯

Overall, the strategic website redesign has provided NuScale with a powerful tool to communicate their message and connect with their target audience more effectively. By transforming their online presence, NuScale has positioned themselves as a leader in advanced technology and a company to watch in the nuclear energy industry.

Through a combination of targeted content, improved website structure and segmentation, and enhanced design aesthetics, the new website effectively positions NuScale as a cutting-edge technology company with a one-of-a-kind product unmatched by competitors. The website redesign has already resulted in increased brand recognition, improved user experience, and a significant boost in goal conversions.

Project Snapshot (TL;DR) 📸

The Challenge

  • Website lacked flexibility and efficiency
  • Inconsistent content hindered cutting-edge identity
  • Design limited storytelling opportunities

The Solution

  • In-depth content audit and strategy
  • SEO optimization
  • Clean and modern UX and design
  • Marketing automation and personalization implementation

The Result

  • Sleek design to match NuScale’s innovative brand
  • Personalization for an improved user experience
  • Elevated storytelling opportunities
  • Targeted content for a wide range of audiences

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