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NuScale Power

Providing clean and reliable carbon-free nuclear energy.

Sitecore EXM and digital marketing implementation with an upgrade to Sitecore 9.3, so NuScale can nurture customers across any channels.

Meet NuScale Power

NuScale provides advanced, scalable nuclear technology for producing electricity, clean water and heat. They are changing the world with cleaner, safer and more efficient power that leaves a small environmental footprint.

Since their founding in 2007, NuScale has commercialized America’s first SMR. The SMR offers a carbon-free, scalable power plant solution that improves safety, affordability and flexibility for diverse electrical and heat applications.


  • Energy
  • Nuclear Power
  • Technology
  • Engineering


We only use industry leading technologies to build high performing solutions.

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Sitecore XP

Upgrade to Sitecore 9.3 & experience profile setup

Grey Sitecore logo on a white background

Sitecore EXM

Email newsletter templates & subscription centre development

Grey Sitecore logo on a white background

Sitecore Marketing Automation

Development of marketing automation campaigns, forms & lists

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Azure PaaS & Sitecore Managed Cloud

Infrastructure setup, optimization and support

Screenshots of the NuScale website and Sitecore components

An Upgrade To Stay Ahead

To get the most out of Sitecore’s latest features and new fixes, Fishtank upgraded NuScale to Sitecore 9.3 on Managed Cloud. The upgrade gave NuScale access to the latest marketing features and mainstream support, and allows NuScale to deliver relevant and personalized experiences for their visitors.

Screenshot of the NuScale Sitecore environment

360 Degree View Of Visitors

NuScale needed a wealth of data they could also use to personalize every customer experience, so Fishtank setup experience profile, including website and omni-channel engagement goal tracking, campaigns and visitor persona profiles. This gives NuScale a 360 degree view of each website visitor and their value that they can leverage to connect with in real-time.

Screenshots of the NuScale website and Sitecore environment

Screenshot of the NuScale Sitecore environment and newsletter example

High Performing Email Newsletters

To allow NuScale’s marketing team to send out communications in a matter of minutes, Fishtank developed easy-to-use email newsletter templates. An email subscription centre was also built, along with marketing automation campaigns so users can add or remove themselves from any email lists. NuScale now also has access to deep data and analytics to measure their email performance.

Screenshot of the NuScale contact form and newsletter subscription page

Forms, Auto-Responders & Submission Actions That Do The Work

Fishtank developed a number of different forms and corresponding lists and campaigns, which included a custom checkbox to opt users into their primary newsletter. Custom auto-responder emails for the form submitter and the NuScale team were also developed, along with submission actions that add users to lists and trigger goals.


Upgrade to Sitecore 9.3 and Sitecore EXM to take NuScale's digital marketing and personalization to a new level.

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Latest Marketing Features

An upgrade to the latest Sitecore version gives NuScale access to the latest digital marketing features.

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Deep Visitor Insights

Experience profile collects data to create a 360 degree view of each visitor & leverages it to create personalized experiences.

Discovery icon with a blue background

Performance Email Campaigns

An email subscription centre and easy-to-use templates equip NuScale with powerful email and communication tools.

Lightning icon on a blue background

Forms & Auto-Responders

Forms with custom checkboxes, submission actions and auto-responder emails make marketing easy.

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