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Alberta's leading energy provider.

Embracing SaaS: A strategic migration from Sharepoint to Sitecore XM Cloud.

Meet ENMAX 👋

Say hello to ENMAX: a leader in the energy sector of Alberta, Canada. Headquartered in Calgary, ENMAX operates across the entire energy value chain and powers the potential of people, businesses, and communities across the province.

Beyond supplying electricity and energy services, ENMAX has become a staple in the day-to-day and evolving energy needs of Albertans. However, their previous Sharepoint website could no longer scale with their brand growth. ENMAX needed a platform that aligned with the company's commitment to harnessing the latest and greatest in technology to enhance its digital presence and customer engagement.

ENMAX website mockups

The Challenge ⛰️

As one of Alberta's leading energy providers, ENMAX faced a pivotal challenge: their website, a crucial touchpoint for interacting with a dynamic customer base, was anchored in an outdated SharePoint infrastructure. This platform significantly hindered their ability to offer a seamless digital experience and provided further limitations, like:

  • Shortage of self-serve options for limited customer experience.
  • A rigid CMS stifled the brand's potential for growth and evolution.
  • Marketers lacked the autonomy and agility necessary to launch and manage campaigns effectively.


ENMAX website mockups

The Solution 💡

ENMAX needed solution that not only met their immediate needs but also promised scalability for future growth. They also required the ability to connect with their audiences by catering to the unique needs and preferences of a diverse range of user segments.

The new website needed to:

  • Empower users to accomplish a wide variety of goals with ease.
  • Provide persona-based experiences for effective personalization.
  • Optimize workflows to launch campaigns faster and more effectively.

The Technologies 🌐

To best empower ENMAX , we built their new site exclusively using best-of-breed software solutions.

Sitecore XM Cloud

A powerful cloud-native SaaS platform empowering businesses to create and distribute personalized digital experiences across multiple channels and devices, fast.


A versatile and innovative open-source framework that allows developers to build scalable and high-performance web applications with ease.


Workshop for documenting and building UX components using an integrated design system, visual documentation, and interactive testing.

Sitecore Content Hub

A unified platform with tools that bring content into a single location allowing teams to easily collaborate making the best use of digital assets.

Sitecore Personalize

An AI-powered platform that enables businesses to deliver individualized experiences across all customer touchpoints and improve customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion rates.

Sitecore CDP

A powerful customer data platform that aggregates and unifies customer data from multiple sources to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their customers, enabling them to deliver personalized and engaging experiences.

Where Efficiency Meets Excellence

Our solution integrated Storybook to establish a comprehensive design system for building UX components outside of Sitecore. Storybook served as a powerful tool to accelerate ENMAX's website development and ensured brand compliance and consistency throughout the entire process.

Storybook powered ENMAX with:

  • Design system compliance to ensure consistent brand experiences.
  • Interactive testing and component isolation for more efficient development.
  • A headless option to decouple and develop without Sitecore.
  • Visual documentation to adhere to modern standards and practices.

 💼 Making the Move to Sitecore XM Cloud

By ENMAX harnessing Sitecore's state-of-the-art headless CMS, XM Cloud bundles all the latest tools and features into one seamless platform:


Cloud-Based Infrastructure

XM Cloud's cloud-based infrastructure ensures ENMAX has scalable and cost-effective operations, allowing them to grow and adapt without the constraints of traditional server setups.


Headless CMS with Visual Authoring Tools

The powerful headless CMS comes equipped with intuitive visual authoring tools, streamlining content management processes and making it easier for ENMAX to create and manage content.


Embedded Personalization

With out-of-the-box personalization features, XM Cloud enables ENMAX to create highly personalized experiences, catering to individual preferences and behaviors.


Advanced Analytics Tools

XM Cloud Pages Analyze offers advanced analytics tools and valuable insights for better decision-making. This feature helps ENMAX in understanding and optimizing customer interactions.


Jamstack-Ready Technology

The platform’s readiness for Jamstack technology ensures fast, flexible, and secure deployment of content, aligning with modern web development standards for enhanced performance.


Optimized Developer Experience

The Sitecore Deploy App facilitates a great developer experience, simplifying deployment and management processes. This ease of use accelerates development cycles and reduces tech overhead.


Fully Managed Updates by Sitecore

ENMAX benefits from fully managed updates by Sitecore, which guarantees compatibility, and alleviates the burden of manual updates, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted service.


ENMAX website mockups

The Result 🎯

The strategics migration of ENMAX's website to Sitecore XM Cloud has been a game-changer in their digital strategy. This move to a headless SaaS CMS enabled a more agile able flexible development process, allowing ENMAX to quickly adapt and respond to market and customer needs. The utilization of Storybook accelerated the deployment of robust and consistent web components, enhancing the overall efficiency and cohesiveness of the website design and functionality.

As a result, ENMAX has successfully revamped its online presence to reflect its status as an innovator in the energy sector. The combination of targeted content, refined website structure, and improved segmentation, has effectively repositioned ENMAX as a cutting-edge technology company.

Project Snapshot (TL;DR) 📸

The Challenge

  • Shortage of self-serve options to empower customer experiences
  • Website lacked flexibility and efficiency
  • Need for the latest technology to keep up with brand growth

The Solution

  • Enable users to effortlessly achieve a diverse range of objectives
  • Deliver experiences tailored to individual personas for enhanced personalization
  • Streamline processes to expedite and improve the efficiency of campaign launches

The Result

  • Move to XM Cloud revolutionized ENMAX's digital strategy with a flexible, SaaS CMS
  • Accelerated response to market and customer needs through streamlined development
  • The revamp repositioned ENMAX as an innovative technology leader in the energy sector

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