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North America's leading energy company.

Website redevelopment and a digital transformation that promotes Enbridge as a leader in energy literacy.

Meet Enbridge

A Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Energy leader, Enbridge is a leading energy delivery company in North America. Enbridge moves 25% of the crude oil produced in North America & operates North America's third largest natural gas utility.

Enbridge was also an early investor in renewable energy, and has a growing offshore wind portfolio.


  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Oil & gas
  • Renewable energy


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Complete website redevelopment on Sitecore 8.2

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Coveo for Sitecore

Screenshots of the Enbridge.com website on multiple devices

A More Effective Digital Channel

Enbridge needed a more effective digital channel to increase transparency, provide more open and approachable content, build engagement efforts online and position itself as a leader in energy literacy. enbridge.com (and 30 other Enbridge sites) got a fresh new look, improved IA, responsive design, and dynamic, visually driven and relevant content in multiple language versions.

Screenshot of the Enbridge.com website on an iPad

Sitecore Personalization Implementation

Fishtank implemented Sitecore's latest personalization features to customize the experience for every user, every time they visited the site. This gave Enbridge the ability to target users with personalized content based on factors such as persona relevance, locations, actions and campaigns, giving each visitor a completely unique and tailored experience.

Screenshot of the Enbridge.com website on a Macbook

A.I. Relevancy Engine

Enbridge's customized A.I. relevancy engine (Coveo) populates relevant content on the homepage, landing pages, search pages, 404 pages, and more. The relevancy engine serves visitors personalized content depending on their location, actions on the website and campaigns.

Screenshots of the Enbridge.com website on multiple iPads

Screenshots of the Enbridge.com website on multiple devices

Interactive & Personalized Geo-Targeting Map

The interactive map highlights content relevant to the viewer’s immediate location. The map shows Enbridge’s infrastructure, projects, community investments and stories across pipelines, fractionations, service territories, terminals, processing plants, storage, rails, wild and solar assets, power transmissions and more.

Screenshots of the Enbridge.com website on a Macbook

A Better Authoring Experience

With a large number of sites to manage (+30), a fast and easy authoring experience is paramount for Enbridge. A redeveloped authoring experience, components and digital toolkit allow Enbridge marketers to easily build landing pages and micro-sites. Enbridge’s developers and marketers are equipped to hit the ground running.

Screenshots of the Enbridge.com website on multiple iPhones

Digitization of Reports to Increase Stakeholder Engagement

Enbridge’s reporting dashboards and annual reports (including the CSR annual reports on Sitecore) were digitized to allow better accessibility for all stakeholders. A PowerBI integration and redevelopment of their reporting dashboard allows their team to display data and analyze trends in ways they previously weren’t able to.

Screenshots of the Enbridge.com website on multiple devices

Ongoing Support, Maintenance & Consultation

Enbridge is backed by our expert Sitecore support, maintenance and consultation, to ensure they’re set up with best practices, achieve their digital goals and keep everything high-performing and running smoothly.

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