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Bow Valley College

A public, board-governed college in Alberta.

An advanced, A.I. powered search solution for BVC’s website and intranet that indexes content from many locations, returns relevant search results and gives them deep actionable insights.

Meet Bow Valley College

A public, board-governed college in Alberta, known for fast-track industry-leading programs. Bow Valley College offers programs that lead to certificates, diplomas, and post-diploma certificates, as well as courses for adult upgrading and English language learning.


  • Higher education
  • Public sector


We only use industry leading technologies to build high performing solutions.

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Coveo for Sitecore implementation & upgrade

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Sitecore XP

Sharepoint to Sitecore migration & intranet build

Bow Valley College Coveo Customer Story

Using A.I. To Target Every Audience

Bow Valley College’s website is visited by a lot of different audiences, all searching for different content and information. To allow BVC to serve relevant content to every visitor no matter who they are, Fishtank implemented A.I. search solution, Coveo on both their website and intranet.

Bow Valley College Coveo Customer Story

Unified Content From Many Sources

Fishtank unified content from within and beyond BVC’s website to return relevant search results from multiple directories and locations. This reduced the time that users spent searching for information on their site, and that staff spent searching for information in their intranet, and improved their overall user experience through relevance.

Bow Valley College Coveo Customer Story


The A.I. search solution extracts indexed data from a large number of sources. It offers auto-suggestions of highly relevant content recommendations driven by analytics and user behaviour.

Bow Valley College Coveo Customer Story
Bow Valley College Coveo Customer Story

Advanced Filtering & A Modern Look

The updated search solution gives users the ability to segment content in one place by programs, program types, locations, delivery and content types. Fishtank also redesigned and redeveloped the solution to have a more modern visualization of search results with advanced speed and performance.

Bow Valley College Coveo Customer Story

Deep, Actionable Insights

The solution gives BVC access to deep and actionable insights that help them understand the user journey, unearth the gaps in their content and make sure their content is relevant, useful and converting.


A Coveo for Sitecore implementation unifying Bow Valley College's content to help users access it faster.

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Audience Targeting Using A.I.

A.I. technology used to unify and deliver relevant content for multiple audiences with Coveo's advanced search solution.

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Unified Content In One Location 

Content is unified from multiple sources and indexed across the organization for quick + easy access via Coveo's search engine.

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Auto-Suggestions + Recommendations

Unique content delivery for every visitor's search results, always predicting and serving them relevant content.

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Visual & Dynamic Search Results

Search results are displayed visually showing relevant content, sorted by programs, locations, content type, or user behaviour.

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Deep Analytics + Actionable Insights

Actionable insights about user journeys, identify content gaps, and display personalized + relevant content.

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