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Alberta Securities Commission (ASC)

The regulatory agency of Alberta's securities laws.

A Coveo implementation that unifies content across both and to ensure users find relevant securities and investment information quickly.

Meet The ASC

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is the regulatory body of administering Alberta's securities laws. They aim to protect investors from misleading or fraudulent practices and to keep the capital market fair and efficient.

The ASC ensures that anyone who sells securities in Alberta is registered and follows laws and professional standards, and that all investors have accurate, timely information to base their investment decisions on.


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Coveo Cloud

Coveo Cloud for Sitecore implementation

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Complete website redevelopment on Sitecore 9

ASC search page on iMac mockup

A.I./Machine Learning Search Engine

Since the ASC's websites provide a large amount of content about fraud prevention and Alberta's securities laws, Fishtank implemented Coveo's A.I.-powered relevance search engine across the ASC's websites to serve visitors relevant results.

ASC search page on multiple devices

A Unified Search Experience

To give users access to search a wider repository of content no matter which site they were on, Fishtank indexed relevant content across both sites owned by the ASC - and

ASC and Checkfirst search page on iPhoneX mockup

Advanced Content Filtering

With such a large amount of content and securities documentation to navigate, Fishtank implemented advanced filtering solutions to allow visitors to locate the content they're after quickly.

Alberta Securities Commission website mockups

ASC search results on iPhoneX mockup

Relevant Search Result Labels

Search results are labelled accurately by their content type, file type, date and source so visitors can see what type of content each result is before clicking on it.

ASC search page on iPhoneX mockup

Search Result Summaries & Descriptions

Fishtank implemented descriptions and summaries of key details on the search results to allow users to scan results and find what they're looking for faster.


An A.I. powered relevance search solution that serves visitors relevant securities content.

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Smart Content Serving

Users can rapidly locate securities laws and policies with the implementation of Coveo's intelligent search engine.

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Advanced Content Filtering

Advanced filtering allows visitors to easily navigate and locate the regulatory documents they need.

Time icon with a blue background

Unified Content

Indexing content across ASC's websites allows users to search a wider repository of information from one place.

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Detailed Content Labelling

Search results are labelled accurately by their content type, file type, date and source for easy access and legibility.

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