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Alberta Regional Libraries

A network of 39 public libraries serving over 200,000 residents.

Industry leading online customer experience solution for public library networks.

Meet Alberta Regional Libraries

Parkland was the first regional library in Alberta, opened in 1959. More than 50 years later, Parkland Regional Library is a network of 39 public libraries across central Alberta, serving over 200,000 residents.

The network provides technical and professional support to public libraries in the system area so that even small libraries are cost effective and have access to assistance that’s made possible by working through the system.


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  • Nonprofit
  • Information Services


We only use industry leading technologies to build high performing solutions.

Grey Coveo logo on a white background

Coveo Cloud Pro

A.I. powered search to unify website and library content

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Polaris ILS

Integration with Polaris ILS

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Integration with BiblioCommons library software

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SirsiDynix Horizon

Integration with SirsiDynix library software

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Sitecore XP

Migration of 100+ Drupal websites to a single Sitecore instance

Screenshots of different Alberta Regional Library websites on multiple devices

From Drupal To Sitecore

With over 100 websites on Drupal, Parkland Regional Libraries websites needed a new CMS that better supports their content management process and allows them to manage their sites from a centralized location. Sitecore was chosen and their websites were redeveloped in a single Sitecore instance, ensuring each library only sees their content.

Screenshots of the Yellowhead Alberta Regional Library website on multiple iPhones

Over 39 Websites In One Sitecore Instance

Because Parkland had so many separate websites, branches had outdated and old technologies that made upgrades difficult, and websites unpredictable, unreliable and hard to support. Fishtank redeveloped 39 websites in a single Sitecore instance that allows branches to manage their sites from a single centralized location, while also having role/user based security, down to the field level.

Screenshots of the Parkland Alberta Regional Library website on multiple devices

Empowering Authors With Two-Click Site Creation

Updating websites was previously time consuming and rigid, causing many sites to have outdated content and branding. Fishtank empowered content authors by making it easy for libraries with low capacity or capability to have timely, up to date websites. We also developed a 2 click website creation for local libraries, ideal for librarians with limited IT experience.

Screenshots of the Chinook Arch Regional Library on multiple iPads

Screenshot of the Chinook Arch Alberta Regional Library website on an iPhone

Seamless UX, A.I. Search Solution & Mobile First Experience

Fishtank improved the libraries’ user experience by implementing Coveo’s A.I. powered search to unify the website content and +800,000 library assets in real-time. The search solution is also contextual and location aware, prioritizing books available near the user when searching & showing users events near them across the region.

Screenshots of the Parkland Alberta Regional Library website on multiple devices

Enhanced Catalogue Systems & Social Media Integration

Fishtank integrated and enhanced the libraries’ existing ILS and catalogue systems like Polaris, Horizon & BiblioCommons, so branches can leverage features in their current systems on their new sites. Fishtank also integrated a custom rich Facebook feed component, allowing libraries to easily publish first-class content on Facebook from the CMS, instead of using a standard timeline widget.

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