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Built for faster deployment and unparalleled collaboration

The latest versions of Sitecore include intuitive tools and features to create content, launch websites, and deliver memorable experiences for your customers.

With Sitecore XM and XP 10, enjoy accelerated delivery, deeper insight and analytics, and greater collaboration between your marketing and IT teams. With Sitecore's new SaaS CMS, XM Cloud, say goodbye to upgrading forever (really) and boost your business with improved developer agility and lightning-fast performance.

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Sitecore XM Cloud Upgrade

Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud (XM Cloud) is a best-in-class SaaS product that allows you to power instantaneous global experiences with unrivalled speed using composable architecture. 

Thinking of making the switch to the cloud? If you're currently on Sitecore XM, a Sitecore 10 upgrade will make transitioning to the cloud seamless and won't require a full rebuild. If you're on Sitecore XP, consider migrating to Sitecore XM 10 to prepare for a move to the cloud.

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Sitecore 10 Upgrade

Experience a fully integrated end-to-end solution with the much-anticipated Sitecore 10. Explore new features such as:

  • Sitecore A.I. Auto-Personalization that accelerates personalization efforts by automatically identifying trends, creating customer segments, and modifying page elements
  • More flexibility for deployment and development than ever before with Next.js SDK enabled lightning-fast load times and easy scaling
  • An elevated editing experience with drag-and-drop design, device-specific previews, and analytics that provide real-time insights
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A.I.-Powered Personalization

Deliver relevant and scalable personalized experiences with machine learning and automated delivery.
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No Compromise Headless

A cutting-edge headless environment allows unparalleled flexibility, speed, and easy to streamline content delivery. 
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Designed For Agility

The newest versions of Sitecore enable synergies between your marketing and IT teams so you don't waste a moment getting to market.

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Optimized Performance

Experience faster time-to-market features and more flexibility for deployment and development than ever before.

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Deeper Contextual Insights

Discover more valuable insights on visitor behaviour and engagement with each new version of Sitecore.

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Improved Editing Efficiencies

Intuitive tools like Horizon, SXA, and Pages empower non-technical marketers and designers to create beautiful pages with ease.
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Tired of upgrading? Let XM Cloud be the last Sitecore upgrade you ever make 

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) Cloud is a fully SaaS-based modern cloud content management solution (CMS). As a SaaS solution, XM Cloud reduces the need for software infrastructure and upgrades, enabling your teams to focus on creating intelligently tailored experiences for your customers. 

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How will an upgrade benefit my business?

  • Provide marketing and IT teams with a seamless editing experience in a no-compromise headless environment
  • Enable richer personalized experiences to gain higher customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime customer value
  • Get the latest updates and fixes with always-on mainstream support including fixes and implementation help
  • Improved workflow efficiencies allow you to respond to market changes in real-time
  • Guarantee the safety of your data and protection from potential attacks with security improvements and fixes
  • Increase developer productivity with new features that prioritize speed and efficiency

Explore our Sitecore upgrade success stories  

See how upgrading Sitecore has helped elevate the digital marketing efforts of our valued clients. 


Providing clean carbon-free nuclear energy

An upgrade to Sitecore 9 gave NuScale access to the latest digital marketing tools and support.


The inventor of the original SMART board

Discover how SMART achieved digital transformation with an upgrade to Sitecore 9 from 8.2. 

Upgrading Sitecore FAQs

Why should I upgrade Sitecore?

Keeping your tech stack current ensures your digital efforts are up-to-date with today's market standards and positions your business for success. With each upgrade, Sitecore has elevated the platform to new heights with state-of-the-art innovations and features. Some of our top reasons for upgrading Sitecore include:

  • Improved workflow efficiencies to respond to market changes in real-time
  • New marketing automation integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Optimized speed, delivery, and performance
  • A.I.-powered Auto-Personalization for unparalleled omnichannel experiences
  • Faster xDB change tracking
  • Easy-to-use editing experience

How will an upgrade benefit my digital marketing efforts?

To grow customer loyalty, businesses have to deliver personalized experiences that connect and engage across multiple channels. The most recent version of Sitecore equips your teams to create and scale those experiences with omnichannel delivery, customer intelligence, testing and optimization, and deep analytics. Take your digital marketing efforts further with Sitecore 10 features such as:

  • Two-way data integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sitecore XP in real-time
  • A streamlined editing process with intuitive drag-and-drop design, device-specific previews, and real-time analytics
  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) to collect actionable customer interaction data across touchpoints and target users with tailored content
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics so you can filter reports by market segment
  • Connected data sources and deeper contextual insights
  • Optimized content production and personalized delivery with Sitecore Content Hub integration

What if I'm on an older version of Sitecore?

If you're currently using Sitecore, you know how powerful the platform can be. No matter if you're on version 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x, we can guide you through the upgrade process to help you get the most from your investment. Reach out today to start a conversation with one of our Sitecore certified experts.

How do I get started?

Fishtank are Sitecore experts. Send us a message to [email protected] to learn more how we can support your upgrade.

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