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We are known for being Sitecore experts, but at our core we genuinely care about our clients. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands build better relationships with their customers, create value at a lower cost, and improve business performance overall.

The healthcare industry is going through a huge shift right now due to changes in technology and patient expectations. This digital disruption has forced healthcare companies to reprioritize the needs of their patients and presented an opportunity to elevate their digital experiences.

With over a decade of successful Sitecore implementations under our belt, we can solve even the most complex digital demands of the healthcare industry.

Successful Patient-Centric Experiences Start With:

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Improved Engagement & Channel Optimization

Maintain a single conversation with your patients both on and offline by delivering thoughtful, connected, and relevant communication across multiple devices.

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Seamless Personalized Experiences

Serve the right content at the right time by delivering relevant information from preventative healthcare information to content based on every patient's unique journey.

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Intelligent Scalability Through A.I.

Leverage machine learning to gain insights and patterns about your customers from health, consumer, and patient conditions and behaviours from across their journey.

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Deep Data & Analytics

Leverage a data-driven approach to delivering unique experiences for every patient by consolidating their health data and customer insights across touchpoints in real-time.

Powerful Patient Experiences

Connect patients to the right content faster with a one-stop digital experience platform that focuses on self-service, real-time recommendations, and contextualized customer journeys.

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Consistent Omnichannel Personalization

Create relevant content for your patients and display it across multiple devices and channels, using a powerful headless CMS. This level of omnichannel personalization allows you to have a singular conversation with your patients, collect customer data across any touch-points, and optimizes your engagement. Deliver a consistent customer-centric experience, both online and in-person, to better understand your patients and deliver the information they need on their journey to finding the right care.

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Improve Engagement With Personalized Advice & Content

Collect valuable insights about patient patterns, behaviours, and interactions across multiple channels and devices to create a 360 degree view of your customers. This A.I.-driven technology enables you to deliver individualized digital experiences about treatment, important clinic information, and preventative care based on patient profile information and preferences. Not only can this break through the noise in the healthcare industry but build trust and lifelong customer loyalty with consistent, 1:1 marketing engagement.

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Simplify The Patient Experience With World-Class Technology

Manage multiple sites, languages, and locations with intelligent, industry-leading technology. Deliver personalized cross-channel experiences with a suite of SaaS-based solutions that scale with your healthcare operations and prioritize the needs of your patients. You no longer need to choose between speed or relevancy when creating memorable digital experiences for every patient. Instead, prioritize the security, reliability, and performance of your digital architecture that will scale your brand and improve your speed-to-market.

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Personalized Journeys Using Machine Learning & A.I.

Collect data from multiple channels, touchpoints, and interactions to connect patients to the right information critical to their care. Use first-party information (i.e., patient location, health conditions, treatments, and preventative care measures) to gain insight into a patient’s needs and serve A.I.-powered recommendations based on deep data and analytics. These intelligent experiences can scale self-service and telehealth solutions and reduce the volume of calls to your customer support centre.

You'll Be In Good Company


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America's leading oral health association

The American Dental Association has been powering the dentistry profession in the United States for 160 years, with over 165,000 members.

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World-Class Patient Experiences

The urgency for healthcare organizations to deliver standout patient experiences is higher than ever. Discover how powerful content management can drive powerful patient experiences, deliver relevant content, and ensure compliance across the globe.

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Unified Patient Data & Insights

Unify customer data from all locations into a single profile to deliver consistent customer interacts on any platform, both online and offline.

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Industry-Leading Content Management

Elevate your website's content and experience and improve your speed to market with a cloud-native CMS.

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Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

Deliver relevant content to your patients with deep omnichannel data unified across multiple touchpoints, devices, and channels, in real-time.

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Unified Digital Asset Management

A centralized, 360-degree view of your content landscape including planning, production, collaboration, and management of your content workflow.

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Scalable SaaS Infrastructure

Build an intelligent, SaaS digital experience platform to reduce costs, increase business growth, and create compelling patient experiences.

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Site Performance, Security, & Reliability

Lower your operational overhead and ensure your site is among the fastest, most reliable, scalable, and most secure on the web.

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Intelligent. A.I. Powered Search

Deliver personalized content to the right people with an intelligent, A.I. powered search solution that personalizes results for your patients.

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Empowered Development Processes

Equip your developers with automation, starter kits, powerful DevOps tools, and support for modern JAMstack frontends for faster deployments.

Sitecore For Healthcare Development Experts

Our team is made up of some of the best Sitecore developers, consultants and strategists in North America.

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Sitecore MVPs

Our award-winning team of Sitecore experts have won MVP awards in strategy, technology & ambassador categories for the last 9 years.

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Exclusively Sitecore

Sitecore has been at the core of our business for over a decade and our reputation as thought-leaders in the industry is unmatched.

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Sitecore Certified

We’re always up to date with all the latest Sitecore certifications. Not to mention, we are one of the first Sitecore partners to be fully Sitecore CDP certified.

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