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Future-proof your business with Sitecore's Digital Experience Platform (DXP). With the way technology is evolving, its important organizations have the tools to deliver powerful, connected digital experiences. With heightened expectations and changing consumer behaviours, brands need to consistently meet their customers across multiple sites, languages, platforms, devices.

Sitecore's DXP has evolved to meet the challenges of today’s digital landscape, empowering brands with a suite of best-in-class SaaS products and a next-generation, cloud-native CMS. From content to commerce, across every team and industry, Sitecore’s integrated composable architecture can take your digital experiences to the next level, scale your brand, and improve your time to market.

What Is A Digital Experience Platform?

Let’s review the differences between a CMS and a DXP. A CMS is the foundation for your digital identity, strategy, engagement, and content delivery to your website(s) and application(s).

At the heart of every DXP is a CMS that integrates with other technologies, manages multiple sites from a central location, and supports website content management. A DXP is the full suite of composable digital solutions that connect and personalize experiences – across any channel, device, and language. The right DXP will have a set of tools that not only scale personalized experiences for your customers, but empower teams across your organization by streamlining processes and breaking down silos.

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The Next-Generation, No Compromise CMS

Sitecore's DXP begins with a modern agile CMS taking content management to a new level , Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) Cloud. Deliver personalized, intelligent digital experience platforms using composable architecture, machine learning, and deep analytics that provide a 360-degree view of your customers.

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Faster & Empowered Development

Agile development tools like support for modern JAMstack frontends and powerful dev-op tools for faster production and deployments.

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Front End As A Service

Create beautiful websites with reusable components using an intuitive visual editor to easily drag, drop, and publish content.

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Fully-Integrated Best-In-Class Composable Solutions

APIs and microservices are becoming the standard for flexibility and scalable architecture.

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Scalable Global Presence

Easily create multilingual content and deliver personalized experiences for multiple business regions using tier 1 language translation.

Upgrade Your Tech Stack With Sitecore's DXP

Replace the majority of your martech stack and easily integrate the rest of it with the right DXP. Support the delivery of personalized, omnichannel content, automate and intelligently deliver consistent experiences across websites, portals, apps and gain actionable insight with deep data, analytics, and A.I. and machine learning. Let’s identify some of the areas a DXP can transform your business.


Content Solutions

Redefine the speed and simplicity of delivering memorable customer experiences with easy-to-implement personalization, experimentation, and analytics tools.


Experience Solutions

Drive meaningful engagement and nurture your customers with personalized experiences that are sure to make them die-hard fans.


Commerce Solutions

Deliver consistent, relevant, and friction-free shopping experiences and take your commerce game to new heights.

Content Solutions

Integrate Sitecore’s SaaS-enabled composable solutions and level up your digital experience platform.

Illustration of the templates in Sitecore Symphony

Sitecore Pages

The first of its kind, frontend as a service, visual editor with easy-to-implement personalization, experimentation, and analytics tools.

  • Design beautiful sites, pages, and campaigns
  • Friction-free experiences for enhanced conversion
  • Composable SaaS best-in-class products for better experiences
  • A/B testing and experimentation made easy
  • Data-driven analytics giving you insights about your customers
  • Personalized and consistent experiences for every customer
Illustration of Sitecore Content Hub search page

Sitecore Content Hub

Unify your content planning, production, and collaboration process in one integrated platform.

  • Centralized asset management
  • Scale the speed and delivery of your content production
  • Consolidate your marketing and workflow efforts
  • Automate commerce and product content marketing
  • Personalize and print collateral from anywhere

Experience Solutions

Boost your ROI and marketing KPIs by driving hyper-personalized, best-in-class customer experiences.

Illustration of the Sitecore Custom Data Platform dashboard

Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Leverage customer data multiple channels and unify touch-points to deliver targeted experiences. Centralize your customer data - both online and offline - to gain actionable insights for your marketing, content, and commerce strategies.

  • No more siloed customer data
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Optimized customer experiences across channels
  • A.I. driven decision making
  • Real-time analytics for deep customer insights
Illustration of Sitecore Personalize interface

Sitecore Personalize

Drive meaningful customer engagement with 1:1 marketing and cloud-native personalization. Deliver brand value and personalized experiences to first time visitors on your site with a proper welcome to your brand.

  • Build lifelong relationships with your customers
  • Adapt campaigns to your unique customers on every channel
  • A/B test campaigns, experiences, and channels at scale
  • A.I. driven data processing and decision making
  • User-friendly design libraries to create beautiful campaigns
  • Real-time analytics for greater customer precision

Commerce Solutions

Take your commerce experiences to a new level with more connected engagement and relevant buying journeys.

Sitecore Send screen illustration

Sitecore Send

Scalable personalized email marketing campaigns made simple. Automated email campaigns that deliver personalized content for happier customers.

  • Implement beautiful email campaigns
  • Hyper-personalized email marketing automation
  • Complex audience segmentation
  • A.I. driven product recommendations and personalization
  • Automated ecommerce to boost conversion
  • Real-time analytics for deep customer insights
Illustration of the Sitecore Discover interface

Sitecore Discover

A.I. powered search for real-time product recommendations and curated shopping experiences. Relevant product results and recommendations driving conversion and better user experiences.

  • Deliver on buyer wants and needs with A.I. powered search
  • Boost conversion with friction-free shopping experiences
  • Personalized search results and product recommendations
  • Simple customization for easy shopping experiences
  • Optimize and test with data-driven analytics
  • Consolidate customer data from online and offline channels
Illustrated Sitecore OrderCloud portal

Sitecore OrderCloud

Centralized commerce and order management with a cloud-native, headless API-first commerce. Evolve your ecommerce experience and exceed your buyer expectations with limitless customization.

  • Headless, API-first ecommerce architecture
  • Flexible fulfillment & order management
  • Composable ecommerce solutions
  • Simplified and fully-integrated tools
  • Consistent shopping experiences across multiple channels
  • Manage operations across multiple countries and currencies

Sitecore XM Cloud FAQs

What is a digital experience platform (DXP)?

According to Gartner, a digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.

DXPs offer an integrated suite of best-in-class tools that promote meaningful communication between organizations and their many audiences:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Stakeholders
  • And more
  • The complexity of communicating with so many different audiences requires delivering connected and consistent content to multiple platforms such as websites, email, apps, portals, IoT devices, and more.

    What’s the difference between a CMS and a DXP?

    A CMS is the core of a digital strategy as it powers an organization’s website(s) or application(s) and is traditionally used to manage, create, track and deliver content. A modern CMS provides a full list of functionality that aid organizations in their content management and delivery, such as:

    • Workflow
    • Multi-site management
    • Content publishing
    • Personalization
    • Omnichannel support
    • Global content delivery
    • Ecommerce
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Multi-language management

    At the heart of every DXP is a modern and agile CMS, therefore some overlap does exist between the two. The main difference between them, is that a DXP can handle content and asset management at scale and collect deeper customer insights for richer experiences. The right DXP would be able to connect, manage, and push content across the following verticals consistently:

    • Websites
    • Email
    • Social media platforms
    • Mobile applications
    • Customer portals
    • Point Of Sale (POS) systems
    • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
    • Digital kiosks and signage
    • And more

    How do you choose the right digital experience platform?

    In exploring whether a DXP is right for you, consider the following questions and important factors that contribute to finding the right solution for your business:

    What are your business goals?

    Determine your organizations objectives, roadmap, and strategy. A DXP should support the strategy you have set out for your business and can streamline processes and break down silos in your organization.

    What technological requirements / capabilities do you need to meet these specific goals?

    List all of the foundational requirements you need your martech stack to achieve in order to meet your specific goals. For example, does your business need ecommerce, analytics, personalization, or omnichannel delivery? Make sure to identify which capabilities you already have and which you need to implement.

    What type of analytical data and insights does your organization need to make better decisions?

    Knowing the kind of data your organization collects and how to use it will dictate the DXP you choose.

    What is currently included in your martech stack?

    This is the most important question to consider before moving forward with implementing a DXP. Understand who uses each part of your stack, which stages of the customer journey each component supports, and existing integrations within the configuration. Consider other technologies like your CRM and how the easily it will integrate with a potential DXP.

    These questions can help give you a sense of priorities to focus on when considering implementing a DXP.

    When should you adopt a composable digital experience platform?

    The right answer to this question depends on the digital maturity of your organization. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and brands that aren’t prioritizing future-proofing their business, might be left behind. It’s possible a CMS is all your business needs at the present moment.

    For organizations facing the next phase of growth, a DXP might be a necessary stage in their evolution. The right DXP consolidate a siloed martech stack, streamline redundancies, and future-proof your business with the flexibility to integrate. Prioritize the use of marketing technology and deep consumer insights to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. The implementation of a DXP in your organization can be a stimulus for streamlining teams, simplifying processes, and consolidating silos.

    Why You Need Sitecore's Composable Digital Experience Platform?

    Learn about Sitecore's composable digital experience platforms (DXP) and how they can future-proof your tech stack.

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    Sitecore Send

    Automated email marketing campaigns that deliver personalized content for happier customers.

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    Sitecore Pages

    The next-generation frontend as a service visual editor with easy-to-implement personalization, experimentation, and analytics tools.

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