Illustration of the Sitecore Custom Data Platform dashboard

Target prospects with deep omnichannel customer data.

Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to unify and leverage customer data across a number of touchpoints to deliver targeted experiences. Capture, unify and utilize omnichannel customer data to acquire, serve and keep customers.

Deliver intelligent experiences

Use deep customer data across all touchpoints to target effectively.

Infographic detailing how Sitecore CDP works

What's in it for me?

  • Improved brand engagement
  • Faster conversion rates
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Improved retention rates
  • Increased revenue and ROI
  • Consistent brand experience across channels
  • Deeper understanding of customers

Sitecore CDP FAQs

What is a CDP?

A packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.

Let’s break this down:

"Packaged software"
t’s an out-of-the-box solution that’s configured to suit the needs of each client. Some development is still needed for setup and maintenance, but there can be significant savings on time, cost, and risk. This allows business users to have more control over the system while only needing some development support.

"Creates a persistent, unified customer database"
Data on every customer is captured from multiple sources and then linked together in the CDP to track user behaviour over time. The captured information can be used by marketers to target those customers on an individual basis and track results.

"Accessible to other systems"
The data tracked by the CDP can be used by other integrative systems to further track, manage, and analyze user behaviours.

CDPs consolidate and integrate customer data into one convenient place for marketers to gain insights for targeted campaigns.

What are the key features of a CDP?


  • Allows marketers to manage it with little technical support.
  • Collects data from many sources like servers, CRMs, emails, and databases and unifies them into one convenient location while also creating unique user profiles.
  • Has a web-based UI that marketers can use to segment customers into different audience groups.
  • Is accessible to external systems where data can be easily shared through social platforms, email campaigns, apps, mobile, and more.

What’s the difference between a CDP and CRM?

CRMs and CDPs both collect customer data, but it’s the type of data that differentiates them.

CRMs manage and organize customer-facing interactions with your business. CRM data will include things like a client’s name, contact information, history with a sales team, and other interactions they’ve had.

CDPs collect data on how a customer engages with your business (user behaviour). CDP data will show you every step a customer has taken since they began interacting with your business. This can include their acquisition channel, how long they’ve spent engaging, or how they interact on your website with products and services.

Can a CDP replace a CRM?

No, is the short answer.

CDPs and CRMs serve different purposes and can have data sources.CRMs don’t have as much data from external sources as CDPs do.

CRMs are more sales and lead generation focused and used sales teams to track customer-facing interactions.

CDPs contain personalized data based on a customer’s online behaviour and are used by marketers to target customers with unique and personalized experiences.

What is a CDP vs DMP?

A data management platform (DMP) collects and manages large, anonymized audience data sets that are either purchased from a 3rd party data seller or by having access to a massive amount of users that the DMP can aggregate and anonymize its own data. A great example of a DMP is Facebook.

Check out the similarities and differences between a CDP and a DMP:

1st Party Data
2nd Party Data
3rd Party Data
Personal Data Collection
Audience Creation
Short-Term Data Retention
Long-Term Data Retention
Used For Ads
Used For Email
Website Chat Integration

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