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Work faster and smarter with a release built for speed

The latest version of Sitecore centres on increased agility and stability, empowering your teams to deliver unmatchable customer experiences faster than ever.  

Sitecore 10 includes a host of improvements that appeal to both developers and marketers, including:

  • The ability to incrementally convert your site to a headless architecture without a full rebuild
  • Use Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) components in the Horizon editor and configure complex data sources
  • Updated reporting for more meaningful metrics, including the ability to view the impact of personalization on individual goals
  • Improvements to Sitecore Experience Edge that eliminate the need to maintain delivery architectures and frameworks
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Faster Email Delivery

Enjoy additional EXM HTML template options to craft and deliver targeted email campaigns quickly and efficiently, keeping the cross-channel conversation moving forward.

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Designed For Agility

New Sitecore Containers support rapid deployment and more efficient onboarding with modern Docker and Kubernetes technology.

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No-Compromise Headless

Enable synergies between your teams and increase developer productivity with a new headless ASP.NET Core option that empowers flexibility and speed during development.

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Optimized Content Production

Content Hub is seamlessly integrated, providing a connection between your planning, creation, collaboration, and management tools.

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Deeper Contextual Insights

Updated content profiling provides a complete 360-degree view of digital behaviours, while enhanced  analytics allow you to glean deeper insight on engagement and segmentation.

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Improved Editing Efficiencies

With a tighter integration between Horizon and SXA, you'll benefit from faster time to market capabilities within the easy-to-use UX.

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Free yourself from upgrades (forever) with Sitecore XM Cloud

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) Cloud is a fully SaaS-based modern cloud content management solution (CMS). As a SaaS solution, XM Cloud reduces the need for software infrastructure and upgrades, enabling your teams to focus on creating intelligently tailored experiences for your customers.

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How will a Sitecore 10 upgrade benefit my business?  

  • With Managed Cloud, you can now deploy Sitecore XM and XP on Microsoft Azure, enabling you to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), rapidly deploy Sitecore, and enjoy infinite scalability
  • Sitecore's award-winning A.I. Auto-Personalization leverages machine learning to more granularly personalize customers' experiences, leading to greater customer loyalty and value 
  • New Sitcore Marketing Automation allows marketers to send xDB data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time, strengthening the single view of customer interaction to drive more effective omnichannel personalization
  • Always get the help you need including the latest updates and fixes with always-on mainstream support 
  • Guarantee the safety of your data and protection from potential attacks with security improvements

Upgrading to Sitecore 10 FAQs

Which new features does Sitecore 10 include?

Sitecore has produced an abundance of content related to  the changes found in Sitecore 10. According to Sitecore documentation, new features include: 

  • Audience analytics filters allow for deeper insights on audience engagement and segmentation to drive powerful personalization across all your channels.
  • Additional HTML Email Templates for EXM provide more options when crafting emails, which translates to the quicker creation and delivery of targeted emails to customer inboxes.
  • Horizon editing interface updates give marketers in-context insight across multilingual and multisite experiences.
  • New marketing automation capabilities include capabilities to engage customers with automated birthday campaigns.
  • Support for GDPR compliance journeys including features that make it easier to enforce and manage consent options as well as supporting the anonymization of personal information submitted via Sitecore Forms.
  • ...and more.

Read the official overview of new features in our blog, Sitecore 10 Features: What's New.

Why should I upgrade to Sitecore 10?

Keeping your tech stack current ensures your digital efforts are up-to-date with today's market standards and positions your business for success. With each upgrade, Sitecore has elevated the platform to new heights with state-of-the-art innovations and features. Some of our top reasons for upgrading Sitecore include:

  • Improved workflow efficiencies to respond to market changes in real-time
  • New marketing automation integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Optimized speed, delivery, and performance
  • A.I.-powered Auto-Personalization for unparalleled omnichannel experiences
  • Faster xDB change tracking
  • Easy-to-use editing experience

How will an upgrade benefit my digital marketing efforts?

To grow customer loyalty, businesses have to deliver personalized experiences that connect and engage across multiple channels. Sitecore 10 equips your teams to create and scale those experiences with omni-channel delivery, customer intelligence, testing and optimization, and deep analytics. On the backend, developers can build solid web solutions with the framework of their choice, powerful customization options, and highly scalable architecture.

What if I'm on an older version of Sitecore?

If you're currently using Sitecore, you know how powerful the platform can be. No matter if you're on version 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x, our Sitecore certified experts can guide you through the upgrade process so you can get the most of your investment and supercharge your digital efforts. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more.

How do I get started?

Fishtank are Sitecore experts. Send us a message to [email protected] to learn more how we can support your upgrade.

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