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Results-Focused Enterprise SEO Services

If you aren't the first result on Google for the search terms your market is actually searching for, you're seriously missing out on a profitable channel and a stream of qualified leads. In 2020 over 90% of online experiences started with Google, making it the best channel for attracting and converting leads.

Any businesses that dominate the search results and market for their products and product related queries, know SEO takes dedication, time and a winning strategy.

We've worked solely with enterprise companies since our inception, increasing their leads, site traffic and revenue by getting them in the #1 position on Google for the search terms that matter.

Our results-focused enterprise SEO strategy is holistic. This means that our strategy and work centres around continuous improvement and optimization, so you reach your SEO and business goals and keep your position once you get to the top.

Our Results


All of our clients rank on the first page of Google


We've helped all our clients rank #1 for high volume keywords


All of our clients are enterprise businesses

Keyword is the first step

Fishtank Enterprise SEO Process

Step 1: Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the essential first step of our enterprise SEO process, which uncovers keyword opportunities and informs us of the content you need to reach goals.

  • Keyword Research: We conduct deep keyword research to determine the best keywords your organization should target, and what related keywords your market is searching for at every stage of their journey.
  • Performance Review: We review how you're currently performing on Google, as well as how your competitors are performing to identify any content gaps, and determine the content you'll need to rank and outperform your competitors.
  • Strategic Content Plan: We create a strategic content plan formulated to reach your SEO goals and outrank your competitors. We identify the exact pieces of content and copy you'll need, as well as the existing content that can be updated or repurposed on your site.
Audit the the second step

Step 2: Audit

Search engines rank your website across many factors. We analyze your website and content across all the elements search engines rank it against and identify the areas that need improvement.

  • On-page: An analysis of your current content, content structure, HTML tags and overall user experience determines what new content needs to be written, what content needs to be updated, and what on-page elements need to be updated in order for you to succeed.
  • Technical: We take a look under the hood and review your website's health from a technical perspective. In 2021, Google is adding more UX signals to its ranking algorithm, making technical SEO especially important. As website developers at our core, we know exactly what it takes to turn a low performing site into a high performing, high ranking site.
  • Link Profile: We review your backlink profile to understand the quality of your backlinks and compare it against your competitors. Your backlink profile is a highly important SEO metric that tells Google how reputable and trustworthy your site is.
Optimize is the third step

Step 3: Optimize

The crucial step is making the changes needed to improve your performance. We optimize your website and content based on the information uncovered in the keyword research and audit, and prioritize items based on biggest impact.

  • Content: We create a content strategy designed specifically for SEO, write the copy that's required to get your website to rank for your targeted keywords, and repurpose your existing copy with the right HTML tags and structured markup that your site needs in order to rank.
  • Technical performance: As an enterprise website development company at our core, our development team will take your website from a slow performing, unresponsive site to a highly performing and ultra fast site that passes Google's technical tests with flying colours.
  • Backlinks: Our link profile team focuses on building you an impressive backlink profile that generates site traffic from other high traffic sites with impressive domain authorities.
Report is the fourth step

Step 4: Reporting

We closely monitor your performance to ensure you're reaching your goals. Our reporting analyzes the results of our work and allows us to see the results it produced, and how you're ranking in search results compared to your competitors.

  • Keyword performance: We monitor your positions and position changes in search results for the keywords you're targeting and the locations that matter to your business, to ensure you're constantly improving and beating your competitors.
  • Custom reporting: Continuous reporting on your website health, high and low performing pages, link profile and query performance gives us a 360 degree view of your website and allows us to continually optimize it.
  • Dashboards: We build branded and personalized dashboards that you can share with internal stakeholders, to show off your new increases in traffic, sales and revenue, attributed from SEO.
Repeat is the fifth step

Step 5: Repeat

Good SEO is based on continuous review of results and doing the work required to succeed, day in and day out. Any business that's serious about SEO at an enterprise level will tell you there are no rest days, and we don't rest either.

  • Optimization: We continually optimize your website from technical, on-page and backlink perspectives using the reporting as a guide to determine what changes we need to make to produce the biggest impact.
  • Reporting: Continuous periodic reporting is required to monitor your success and ensure the changes we're making are producing results.
  • Repeating: The process is repeated, and doesn't stop when you achieve your results. Because Google's algorithm is constantly updating and your competitors are also optimizing their sites and writing new content, we keep repeating this process even when you reach your goals.

Results You Can Expect

Higher volume of...

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You'll generate more leads because you'll be ranking for top level, highly searched keywords that appeal to your target audience.

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Top Of Funnel Traffic

You'll be ranking for more top of the funnel keywords, so you'll receive more leads that previously didn't know about your brand.

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User Experience

Our SEO strategy is designed to give your website visitors a better user experience, so they'll stay longer on your site. 

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Because you're not spending money on advertising, SEO gives you the highest return on investment of all marketing channels.

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Satisfied Customers

You'll have the right content to answer your customer's queries before they even ask them.

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Backlinks and Referral Traffic

Our backlink strategy ensures you'll be receiving traffic from other sources too, increasing your thought leadership.

Why Choose Fishtank For Enterprise SEO?

We Deliver Results

Other Agencies Fishtank
Make empty promises Set realistic expectations & transparency
 Don't deliver their promises  Deliver what we promise
 Give you excuses  Achieve results

State Of The Art, Customizable Reporting

Other Agencies Fishtank
Provide a templated report Provide custom reports with relevant data
Present complex, irrelevant data Present digestible & meaningful data
Send you one report Create different reports for your stakeholders

A Strategic Partnership

Other Agencies Fishtank
Are only a service provider Become a strategic extension of your business
Care more about their business Will always put your business first
Will do the bare minimum Will go the extra mile


Other Agencies Fishtank
Can't keep up with the industry Stay on top of industry updates & knowledge
Have smoke and mirrors tactics Explain what we're doing and why we're doing it
Use explanations you don't understand Adapt explanations based on your existing SEO knowledge

Trusted By Global Enterprise Firms

We've helped some of the biggest brands increase their leads, revenue and brand recognition through their website.

American Dental Association

America's leading oral health association.

The American Dental Association has been powering the dentistry profession in the United States for 160 years, with over 165,000 members.


North America's leading energy company.

A Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Energy leader, Enbridge moves 25% of the crude oil produced in North America & operates North America's third largest natural gas utility.

Carnegie Hall

A world renowned historic landmark.

Since 1891 Carnegie Hall has set the bar for musical excellence as the aspirational destination and performance location for the world's best artists.

Vancouver International Airport

North America's best international airport.

Named Best Airport in North America for 11 years in a row, YVR International Airport has over 26 million visitors per year from around the globe.

Enterprise SEO Service FAQs

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a large-scale set of SEO strategies applied specifically to an enterprise organization, to boost their organic performance.

It is a different SEO strategy to small business SEO or traditional SEO. Enterprise organizations require a different SEO strategy because the websites of enterprise organizations are usually larger, global and multilingual, and contain content across multiple domains and subdomains.

Enterprise businesses also have different business and SEO goals to that of a small business that require a different strategy to meet.

What does an enterprise organization look like?

Enterprise organizations are operating at scale, with billions of dollars in revenue and employees in the hundreds or thousands.

They usually operate in multiple countries and industries, and have not only a large website with thousands of pages, but usually different domains and subdomains as well.

What's the difference between Enterprise SEO and small business SEO?

Small Business SEO

Just as the name suggests, small business SEO is made up of SEO tactics that are implemented for a small business and small website, containing just a few, or few hundred pages.

Small business SEO is more traditional, and focuses on long-tail, more achievable keyword acquisition and usually localized searches. An example of small business SEO would be targeting the search term 'Calgary mechanic'.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is made up of SEO tactics that are implemented for a large enterprise and website, usually containing thousands of webpages.

Enterprise SEO focuses more on targeting highly competitive, short-tail keywords across a global, multilingual presence.

It requires a scalable, smart and strategic approach with a lot more planning, reporting, analytics, automation, processes and proactivity and is designed to withstand fluctuations in Google’s algorithm.

How do SEO tactics differ between traditional SEO and enterprise SEO?

Small business SEO tactics tend to focus on:

  • Localized searches
  • Long-tail keyword targeting
  • Meta-data
  • Google my business listings
  • Desktop friendly UX
  • Basic HTML tags

Enterprise SEO tactics tend to focus on:

  • Global and multi-lingual searches
  • Short-tail, competitive keyword targeting
  • Schema markup and structured data
  • Snippet targeting
  • Complex HTML
  • JavaScript tracking tags
  • Mobile UX
  • LCP, FID & CLS
  • Site speed and rendering
  • Development
  • Voice search
  • Link building & domain authority
  • Competitor research
  • Social media and social proof

Enterprise SEO usually involves a more aggressive and agile approach to SEO, with deeper reporting and analytics, and more advanced techniques.

Why should I care about SEO?

#1 People trust Google search results

Having a top search result increases trust for your business.

Users are more and more skeptical of ads, and roughly about 30% of all Internet users in 2020 had an ad-blocker installed on their browser.

Visitors put their trust in Google to display only the best results for their searches, so if your website is in the #1 spot, they’re going to trust your brand, and associate it with #1 for whatever it is they are searching for.

#2 An edge against your competition

Optimized websites have more visitors & make more sales.

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second everyday.

If you’re receiving visitors to your website from those searches, that automatically increases your ability to convert those visitors into leads.

Also, Google’s entire algorithm is set up to reward websites with a great user experience, so part of SEO is to also improve a visitor’s experience on your site, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

SEO is a strategic competition because you are competing against your competitors and other businesses for the #1 position.

If you can beat your competitors to page 1, or even the #1 position, you have a higher chance of converting them into a sale.

They don’t say the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 for nothing. Apparently 75 percent of users stick to the first page of search results, with only 25% going to page two.

#3 Better user experience

SEO improves user experience and usability of your site.

One of the aspects of technical SEO is designed to make your website fast, easy to navigate and user friendly.

Couple that with content that’s designed to attract and convert your customers at every stage of their journey and you’ll also give your visitors a stellar experience on your site, leading to a higher conversion rate.

How do I know if I need enterprise SEO?

You need SEO if you're a business that wants to be competitive and receive more leads and website traffic, for a better ROI. You qualify for enterprise SEO if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Your website is large (usually thousands of pages)
  • You business is a large organization
  • You have a global presence
  • You use an enterprise level CMS
  • You already successfully rank for many short-tail keywords
  • Your business focuses on ads as their primary marketing channel

If you meet any of the criteria above, you need enterprise SEO services to ensure your website is able to rank well for competitive short-tail keywords.

Since many enterprise business dismiss SEO as a 'too-hard' channel and focus solely on advertising, this gives many business an advantage to compete successfully and receive a stream of leads and website traffic from search, with a great ROI.

My competitors are already doing well, do I have a chance to outrank them?

It's never too late to start investing in SEO and no one's position is guaranteed in search results, meaning that you can take out someone's position no matter how long they've kept it for.

It is, however, going to take work and consistency as well as a killer strategy to beat your competition if they're already performing well.

You're going to have to perform better than them across a number of SEO elements and that's completely achievable, it all depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

Time to start taking back that organic traffic that could be yours!

How does SEO compare to SEM/PPC ads?

PPC ads

You end up paying more for PPC ads because you're paying every time a user clicks your ad (hence the name pay per click).

While ads appear at the top of the search results page, there is limited real estate.

Since there's limited ad space with PPC ads, you're entered into a bidding system that rewards the highest bidders and drives up the cost of the ads.

With the rise in popularity of PPC ads, most PPC ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads have become more expensive.

Another thing to keep in mind is that roughly 30% of people have ad blockers today, and an even larger percentage are skeptical of ads, believing that they trust Google over an ad placement.


SEO as a strategy is much more affordable and yields a higher ROI since traffic from organic search using SEO is free, so you're not paying for clicks in a bidding system.

People trust Google and organic search results much more than they trust ads, with most people avoiding clicking on ads altogether, or installing an ad blocker.

While there are more advantages to SEO than there are to PPC ads, it's important to keep in mind that SEO takes time, patience and work since visibility for desired keywords isn't quick or easy, but the results are worth it and come with a higher ROI than PPC ads.

How much does enterprise SEO cost?

Most businesses spend somewhere from $3,000 to $15,000 per month on SEO for their enterprise level business.

Since SEO requires constant upkeep, you'll want to look for a partner that does continuous optimization and reporting.

Keep in mind that with SEO you get what you pay for.

Be weary of businesses offering deals that seem too good to be true with low payments and work that sounds like it will be done in another continent.

How much does Fishtank charge for enterprise SEO services?

Our pricing is determined by what objectives your business wants to achieve, and what work is required to get you there.

We price in this way so you're not wasting money on a 'package' that won't get you results.

We offer customized solutions that fit budgets of different sizes. Contact us for a free consultation.

What services come with enterprise SEO?

Some business will create different packages that you can purchase with limited services, and try to upgrade you until you're forking out tens (sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars a year.

We use our fool-proof enterprise SEO strategy that we know delivers results, and we tailor all of our services to your business' unique needs and goals.

Most enterprise SEO services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting
  • Website audit
  • Reporting and recommendations
  • Website optimization
  • Backlink strategy

Fishtank goes into an incredible level of detail compared to other agencies out there. We also provide:

  • Detailed recommendations out of every report
  • Global and multi-language optimization
  • Cross domain SEO services
  • Content strategies
  • Current performance analytics across all channels
  • Social media reporting and analysis
  • Competitor review
  • Development of scripts to resolve technical SEO issues that will save you time and money
  • Development of tags needed to populate any data you'd like to see in analytics

Can I do enterprise SEO in-house?

Hiring a partner to do your enterprise SEO for you means that you can focus on your business and let a knowledgeable, experienced agency take care of your SEO for you.

SEO requires a lot of daily updates and groundwork, a strategy that's able to adapt to your current performance and fluctuations in the algorithm, as well as constant combing through pages of data and analytics.

It's best to leave your enterprise SEO to a company like Fishtank who work with enterprise SEO day in, and day out, so you can focus on other aspects of your business and know that your SEO is being taken care of for you.

SEO is ever changing, how does Fishtank stay on top of all the updates?

SEO is a fast paced marketing channel. Google makes algorithm changes up to 600 times a year, and new tactics and information are released every day.

Our SEO research team stays on top of every algorithm change, and every piece of information that's released by Google and their staff, other industry experts, as well as doing our own in-house research.

Our team watches all the videos on the Google Search Central channel, and stays on top of all updates released by SEO professionals, (such as John Mueller) via Twitter, email, YouTube and a wide range of industry blogs.

Here's an example of the content we keep up with every week:

I'm already using an SEO agency, why aren't we seeing any results?

There are a lot of SEO agencies out there, but most of them focus on traditional SEO for small businesses.

It's perfectly normal to rethink the agency you've partnered with if you're not seeing the results you expected with them.

You should look for an agency that has experience working with enterprise businesses, since they will be much more familiar with your challenges, and how to achieve the goals your company wants.

Fishtank have been working solely with enterprise businesses since our inception, so we understand the goals you want to achieve and the challenges you're facing as an enterprise organization. We've also helped enterprise business go from not on Google at all, to being in the #1 position for a non-branded search term within a matter of weeks! Reach out to us to have a chat about how we can help your business get the #1 position you're after.

Can I tailor my enterprise SEO service?

Absolutely! Every organization's needs are unique, so we will do a thorough discovery to discuss your goals and what you're hoping to achieve, as well as our own investigation into your performance before we provide recommendations.

How long does it take to achieve results?

This will depend on what your goals are, how you're currently performing, your website health and domain authority and much more. We've helped businesses achieve their SEO goals in a matter of weeks, however it can usually take up to 6 months of consistent work and optimization.

Can I use your services on my eCommerce site?

Yes, we work with a range of websites and companies across many different industries.

Do you have experience working with different teams across an organization?

Yes. Because we work solely with enterprise businesses, we have a lot of experience working with different internal teams and people with different roles and titles, in countries all over the world, from marketing and IT directors / c suite members, to internal product owners and presidents.

We have worked with clients who know a lot about SEO already, and have their own internal SEO teams, as well as clients who don't know a thing about SEO. We're able to adapt our language depending on who we're presenting to or speaking with, and create reports and dashboards that are able to be shared internally with different stakeholders.

Do I need to make any changes to my website?

Our enterprise SEO process is designed so we do the work for you, and you can just sit back, relax and watch your website improve in search rankings.

We will show all of our recommendations that arise from our audit and keyword research before we start doing any work, so you can approve it all and understand the process and work being done.

Do you perform white-hat SEO?

Yes, we only perform proven SEO tactics that are approved by Google, using a holistic approach.

Our tactics are all based on great content, a great website user experience and an impressive backlink profile.

There are many agencies out there that still perform 'quick and dirty' tactics that are banned by Google and will get your website penalized and removed from search results.

It's important to ask a lot of questions about the agency's SEO process and ensure they are following Google's recommendations and guidelines.

Who are some of the enterprise organizations Fishtank works with?

Fishtank works solely with enterprise businesses. Our clients include:

  • Carnegie Hall
  • Enbridge
  • American Dental Association
  • YVR Vancouver Airport
  • University of Alberta
  • NuScale Power
  • Alberta Securities Commission
  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG)
  • Milliman
  • SMART Technologies
  • WSP Global Inc
  • And more

What's great about Fishtank?

We're partnered with some of the biggest brands in North America who proudly give us glowing testimonials. They choose us over competing agencies largely because:

  • We're able to deliver the results we promise
  • We become a strategic extension of their business
  • We do the work in-house, in Canada, without outsourcing to an overseas team
  • We only work with enterprise level businesses, so we understand the unique challenges you face
  • We've worked with a range of industries in the public, private and government sector
  • We have longstanding partnerships with our clients that span over many years
  • Our commitment to continuous innovation and testing the latest industry theories
  • Our elite team of industry professionals who are the best at what we do
  • Our price - we provide high quality services at the best value
  • Our strategy is tailored to every business, because we understand every organization is unique
  • Our commitment to client education
  • We’re 100% independent, so your project won’t be swallowed up by a global consulting firm
  • Our client first approach that allows us to place your business needs first, and provide you with objective and unbiased advice
  • Our principals of reducing the total cost of your SEO, so you receive the most ROI with cost savings and operational efficiencies

You can ensure that we'll deliver the results that we promise, and become a strategic extension of your business that you'll want to work with for many years. Just ask any of our long-standing clients.

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