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Tailored content for your customer experience platform.

Take your front-to-back office integration up a notch by combining SAP Customer Experience with our powerful search solution. It uses A.I. and machine learning to provide your team with relevant content from different locations in the one place.

Why do I need search for SAP Customer Experience?

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A.I./Machine learning powered

Deliver relevant and highly personalized content that your customers and employees need based on previous successful search recommendations.

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Deep search analytics

Identify content gaps by viewing deep insights into what your visitors are searching for.

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Indexing beyond SAP Customer Experience

Consolidate content from over 50 cloud and on-premise sources, such as OneDrive and SharePoint to help your staff find information in record time and increase their productivity.

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Full search page

A fully customizable search page and query engine, allows you to filter and sort information by any number of categories.

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What's in it for me?

Increased employee satisfaction

A result of empowering your staff with the content they need to deflect cases successfully.

Increases customer agent productivity

That occurs when you allow them to find all the content they need in record time.

Maximized sales conversion rate

Increasing sales rep productivity maximizes their sales.

Empowered customers

From giving them the ability to find the information they need themselves in one location.

Search for SAP CX FAQs

What is Coveo for SAP CX?

Coveo for SAP CX maximizes the value of your SAP Commerce Cloud storefront with extensible APIs that create a commerce catalog optimized for search.

A.I. and machine learning do the work, instead of cresting thousands of rules. The result: intelligent site search, tailored recommendations, and personalized shopping experiences.

Is Coveo for SAP CX scalable?

Yes, Coveo search comes with predictive auto-complete query suggestions, as well as NLP and self-learning capabilities that you can use from Day 1 and scale up rapidly.

Coveo is enterprise-ready with a single AI layer and a unified index to support millions of SKUs, complex catalogs, demand peaks, and multiple brands and sites.

What are the benefits of Coveo for SAP CX?

Improve Product Discovery & Conversions
Helps buyers find what they’re looking for, with predictive and reliable search, AI-powered listing pages, and dynamic navigation that help you get the most out of your SAP Commerce Cloud storefront – with minimal manual tuning.

Increase Average Order Value
Helps shoppers discover more of your product catalog with intent-driven product and content recommendations. Automates recommendations with over 16 strategies powered by Machine Learning.

Create a Richer Customer Experience
Helps each person engage more with personalized results and offers that evolve in real time based on in-session behavior without manual tuning or a high volume of data. Improves your brand experience with a unified search across catalog data and rich content such as expert blogs, videos, or articles.

Gain Insight Into The Full Customer Site Journey
Helps merchandisers optimize for business outcomes with advanced analytics that track each site interaction. Allows insight on zero result searches, revenue attribution, and conversion from search as well as the impact of recommendation strategies on average order value.

Who uses Coveo for SAP CX?

Coveo has +1,500 implementations around the world with some of the biggest brands. Coveo for SAP CX is used by companies like Philips, Bunnings Warehouse, Fiskars, and more.

What does a Coveo for SAP CX plan include? How do I get started?

All Coveo for SAP CX plans include:

  • A.I.-powered commerce search
  • Scalable Merchandising and Smart Navigation
  • Product Recommendations
  • Analytics and Attribution Reporting
  • Customer Success Plan

We're experts and certified Coveo Partners, get in touch with Fishtank at [email protected] to get started with Coveo for SAP CX.

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