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Resolve customer queries in record time.

Empower your customer service agents and sales staff with the ability to search for content from a number of locations in one place.

They'll confidently resolve customer and sales queries, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and more sales.

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Why do I need search for Microsoft Dynamics?

Increase customer agent productivity

Allowing your customers to find all the content they need in record time.

Maximize your sales conversion rate

Through increasing your sales representatives' productivity.

Increase customer satisfaction

By providing your customers with answers to their queries.

What's in it for me?

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Deep analytics on user searches

Deep insights into what your visitors are searching for helps you identify content gaps.

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A.I. machine learning powered

Deliver highly personalized and relevant content that your customers and employees need, based on previous successful search recommendations.

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Full search page

Fully customizable search page and search query engine, with the capability to filter by any number of categories.

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Indexing beyond Microsoft Dynamics

Your staff can access content from over 50 cloud and on-premise content sources outside of Microsoft Dynamics, such as Sharepoint and OneDrive.

Search For Microsoft Dynamics FAQs

What is Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics?

Create A Unified Search Experience For Dynamics
Search non-Dynamics content from within Dynamics with pre-built connectors including Sharepoint, OneDrive, YouTube, and more.

Serve Up More Relevant Results
Take advantage of machine learning to predict and offer the right content for users based on their search query and previous queries.

Deliver Personalized Search Experiences
Create customized search layouts and tailor facets. Tailor you results with ranking & boosting and defining featured results and thesaurus entries.

Gain Deeper User Behaviour Insights
Use visual dashboards to explore data, gain insights to better understand what users are searching for and identify content gaps.

What are the benefits of Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics?

Coveo offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered search
  • Flexible, easily customizable UI
  • Powerful search usage analytics
  • Query and indexing pipeline
  • Out-of-the-box Machine Learning
  • A library of pre-built 3rd party connectors
  • User-level security across all knowledge systems and repositories

What are the technical features for Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics?

Searchable Content Types
All available system and custom entities, notes and files attached to records of the indexed entity types and knowledge base articles (body, comments, attachments).

Content Update Operations
✓ Refresh (every 60 mins by default)
✓ Rescan
✓ Rebuild

Content Security Options
✓ Determined by source permissions (Coveo, Dynamics 365, and Security)
✓ Source creator
✓ Everyone

What outcomes can I expect from using Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics?

You can expect users to have over all better experiences with being able to easily and quickly access the content, documents, etc. they're after.

Coveo has reported businesses can see results like:

  • 5% increase in Customer Satisfaction Score
  • 30% reduction in time spent searching
  • 25% reduction in case resolution time

Who uses Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics?

Coveo has +1,500 implementations around the world with some of the biggest brands. Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics is used by companies like Tyler Technologies, CBRE, and more.

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