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Pull content from multiple sources.

Give your employees the information they need to succeed at their job in one place, by integrating relevant content into their workflows and intranet.

Let machine learning predict what content is most relevant based on data from previous queries, while unifying content from a number of locations across your business.

Why do I need search for intranet?

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Improvement in employee proficiency

As well as happiness and productivity.

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Gives you access to search results

To see what information your employees are searching for that they can’t find answers to.
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Consolidation of information

From a number of sources in one place.

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Reduction in silos

Of data and content.

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What's in it for me?

A.I./Machine learning

Deliver highly personalized and relevant content that your customers and employees are most likely to need, based on previous successful search recommendations.

Unify content from any source

Your staff can access content from over 50 cloud and on-premise content sources to find information in record time, increasing their productivity and satisfaction.

Full search page

Fully customizable search page and search query engine, with the capability to filter by any number of categories.

Coveo For Intranet FAQs

What is Coveo for Intranet?

Coveo indexes documents, internal conversations, and gathered information from all your data sources. It empowers your employees with quick access to resources with your existing intranet software.

What are the main features of Coveo for Intranet?

A Fast, Smart Intranet Search
Coveo comes with out-of-the-box connectors and flexible API options. Coveo increases employee productivity by giving streamline access to the resources and information they need, when they need it.

Personalized Content Using A.I.
Coveo optimizes employee work by predicting what they each need next. Coveo uses employee profiles and previous interaction behaviour to provide relevant search results and recommendations.

Integrates With Your Current Platforms
No need to adopt new platforms and spend resources on training. Coveo conveniently integrates with digital workplace apps.

How easy it is to integrate Coveo for Intranet?

Coveo comes with over 50 out-of-the-box connectors and can be installed as a pre-built search page or as a set of components for personalized search experiences all within your current intranet platform.

Is Coveo for Intranet secure?

You can ensure sensitive data is kept securely by configuring security settings within Coveo to make sure that sensitive content is only served up to those authorized to view it.

Who uses Coveo for their Intranet?

Coveo has +1,500 implementations around the world with some of the biggest brands. Coveo for Intranet is used by companies like Dell, Manulife, UW Health and more.

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