eCommerce Search for Sitecore

An Amazon experience for your online store.

Create personalized eCommerce experiences that increase your revenue, conversion rate, and items-per-sale. Our search solution provides your website visitors with unique product recommendations that are driven by machine learning.

Why do I need search for eCommerce?

Create personalized shopping experiences with relevant product recommendations for every customer.

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Higher conversion rate

Help customers find products they’re interested in by using A.I. to recommend products purchased by similar customers.

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Increased items per sale

Recommend products based on each customer’s buying and browsing behaviour to ensure they add more items to their cart.

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Happier returning customers

The less work your customers have to do to find the products they’re interested in, the happier they’ll be.

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Targeting at every stage

Automatically curate content that aligns with the buying stage of a visitor.

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What's in it for me?

A.I. / Machine learning

Recommends relevant products that each individual visitor would be interested in, based on their previous browsing history and interaction with your brand.

Omni-channel personalized experiences

Utilizes visitor data beyond your eCommerce website to other digital platforms, such as your customer database, CRM or social media platforms to target customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

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Actionable analytics

Receive powerful analytics and insights into what products your customers are searching for. This allows you to identify buyer patterns that you can leverage for marketing, as well as understanding what your visitors are after that you don’t currently offer.

Customizable search page

Fully customizable search page and search query engine, with the capability to filter and sort by any number of categories.

Search for eCommerce FAQs

What are the top Coveo for eCommerce features?

Predictive Search
Enable customers to discover more easily with predictive, typo-tolerant search suggestions and AI-powered relevance ranking.

Faceted Search
Allow customers to refine their product searches with faceting. Filter by brand, size, price, and more.

Personalized Product Recommendations
Increase average order value (AOV) with personalization powered by machine learning to recommend products based on real-time user behaviour.

What is A.I. Search for eCommerce

A.I. search uses machine learning to predict what a user is after based on previous behavioural data. It’s can quickly answer questions like:

  • What product does someone want to buy next?
  • What content does someone want to see next?
  • What is someone trying to say, and what language is likely to come next?
  • What is someone trying to ask, and what is most likely the answer?

Why is eCommerce search important?

Your website’s search guides your customers to relevant products and services. When a customer can easily find what they are looking for and have products suggested to them, they are much more likely to convert and make a purchase. You can also collect user behaviour data to optimize, improve, and personalize their experience.

What's a zero-results page? How can Coveo stop them from happening?

Static website searches don’t always allow for typos and non-exact matches which can lead to a website search results page with no content.

With Coveo for eCommerce, your customers will never be left hanging. Coveo will always suggest similar products that are relevant, can detect typos and offer correction, and also has predictive text so the user doesn’t have to necessarily type out their entire search before finding what they’re after.

How can Coveo for eCommerce improve user experience?

No one likes having to spend a long time searching for a product, and if it takes too long, customers will go elsewhere to find what they’re after.

Coveo for eCommerce uses machine learning to serve relevant products in real-time to every customer. Not only will they find products faster, but they will discover related products based on their interactions on your website.

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Create personalized shopping experiences with relevant product recommendations.

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