Sitecore Symposium 2022 New Product Announcements

Content Hub One, Sitecore Search & Sitecore Connect

New Sitecore Products Announced At Sitecore Symposium 2022

On October 18 2022 at Sitecore Symposium in Chicago, Sitecore CEO Steve Tzikakis made some big announcements, including three new products that Sitecore will be releasing.

I'll be updating this blog with more information throughout Symposium, but wanted to get this article up as soon as possible for anyone who missed the announcements.

New Sitecore Products

Sitecore is introducing 3 new modern cloud products:

  • Sitecore Content Hub One
  • Sitecore Search
  • Sitecore Connect

Content Hub One

Content Hub One is a new, innovative and agile headless CMS that Sitecore is bringing to the market. Targeted towards non-Sitecore users, it will be an entry point into the Sitecore ecosystem that will allow customers to upgrade to the full capabilities of Content Hub when they're ready.

Described as XM Cloud's smaller sibling, it will serve structured content across multiple channels (web, mobile, marketplacecs, voice assisstants, smart displays and more), and allow users to manage small markets quickly and be more agile by delivering content quickly across multiple touch-points. Content Hub One will be based on its Content Hub offering and targeted towards brands looking for entry points into digital experience delivery.

Sitecore Content Search

Sitecore Search is a plug and play, advanced, A.I. powered search solution powered by Sitecore's Reflektion acquisition that serves hyper relevant content to users. As the importance of website search has increased over the last few years, and the impact that search has on the user experience is recognized, Sitecore Search will enable more intelligent content discovery. Sitecore Search will allow users to find content and information quickly that caters uniquely to them, using A.I. to serve users the content they need, whether that's in the form of text content, videos, images or more.

Sitecore Search will feature predictive search capabilities that will help users find the content they're after faster and meet their needs through the search experience. You can test it out on Sitecore's website today, and it will be available soon for all brands to implement.

Sitecore Connect

Sitecore Connect is an integration platform that allows you to connect and easy integrate any Sitecore products to any other existing technologies or apps within your tech stack in a user friendly, drag and drop UI. It will feature a low code / no code interface and over 1,000 connectors. Users can build on their own or use one of the thousands of templates that will be available.

Stay Tuned

I'll be updating this blog with more content as new announcements are released during Symposium. Feel free to bookmark this blog and revisit to stay up to date with the latest Symposium announcements from Sitecore!