What's New With Content Hub Version 3.4?

Sitecore releases Content Hub version 3.4

What's new in Content Hub version 3.4?

On July 21, 2020, Sitecore released version 3.4 of Sitecore Content Hub. This update offers new streamlined and scalable capabilities for content lifecycle management, launches CHILI publisher integration, and releases a Javascript software development kit for third-party solutions.

What is Sitecore Content Hub?

Sitecore Content Hub is a marketing tool that gives users the ability to manage the entire content lifecycle in one place.

Content Lifecycle Management

Sitecore Content Hub version 3.4 takes its enhanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities and pairs it with cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and video capabilities, all while increasing workflow efficiency and ease-of-use with integration to third-party solutions.


Sitecore Content Hub 3.4’s Content AI analyzes image similarity and instantaneously provides alternative images to marketers in the DAM. This saves marketers time by having immediate access to other options to suit their needs. Marketers can also choose to reuse or repurpose these existing images rather than having to create new ones, which saves time and money.


Version 3.4 offers the ability to automatically generate metadata in addition to transcripts for videos using AI analysis from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. Furthermore, video management capabilities include support for time-based and range-based annotation, cropping, and subtitles. This allows marketers to create videos that are more consumable to different audiences through the increased automation capabilities of version 3.4.


Workflow and ease-of-use functionality needs are met with version 3.4, as it includes smarter navigation, mass-edit templates, and on-the-fly tagging. With this update, DAM users experience Marketing Resource Management and Content Marketing Platform (MRM and CMP) integration, allowing them to manage content and timeline-based project workflows all in one place.

Additionally, Content Hub 3.4 has improved workflow for Adobe Creative Cloud users. By using a DAM search panel, users can easily upload, check-in, and check-out assets from InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

CHILI publisher Integration

Producing graphics takes time, money, and sometimes risk. For marketers, this can be an obstacle as they are often bound by brand compliances, scale challenges, as well as time constraints.

Content Hub 3.4 includes enhanced Web to Print capabilities with integration to CHILI publisher. CHILI publisher enables marketers to use and repurpose digital assets stored in Sitecore Content Hub.

This integration not only simplifies but automates graphic production for both digital and print publishing. By connecting Content Hub data to CHILI Smart Templates this provides marketers with preset customizable elements that incorporate brand identity guidelines and the ability to convert source files via plug-ins into editable documents.

Javascript Development Kit

With the intent of making assets and content move between applications as seamlessly as possible, Sitecore has released a Javascript SDK that extends Content Hub’s reach to third-party solutions with accelerated and minimized development and integration efforts.

Want to get started with Content Hub? Reach out to us at [email protected] to start streamlining your content lifecycle.

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