Sitecore 10: What's New

Sitecore launches XP 10 and XC 10

On August 4th, 2020, Sitecore launched Experience Platform (XP) 10 and Experience Commerce (XC) 10. As a top digital experience platform, XP 10 increases workflow between marketing and IT teams. It offers full container support for fast deployment, elevated team experiences, and solution onboarding. XC 10 offers a strong solution for commerce teams with new capabilities like product bundling and promotions.

This launch follows the recent release of Sitecore content Hub 3.4 that offers a robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) with improved image and video management capabilities.

What is Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)?

Sitecore Experience Platform includes the CMS that you receive with Sitecore Experience Manager, as well as the exciting personalization and marketing automation features. These allow marketers to deliver personalized content on any device or channel while giving them a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey.

The marketing automation features remove the need for a separate marketing automation platform and allow marketers to nurture prospects using data from multiple sources and touch-points.

What is Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC)?

Sitecore Experience Commerce delivers unique buying experiences that build connections by improving customer engagement through an optimized digital commerce experience. XC provides personalized a storefront with real-time context and historical insights as well as increase conversions through built-in marketing automation and promotions.

What’s new in Sitecore Experience Platform 10?

1. Full Container Support

Timing can be imperative for customer experiences, business offers, and time-sensitive content getting to market. So gone are the days of ‘it works on my machine’ that cause delays in delivery when it matters most. Through consistency, isolation, and reproducibility, Sitecore Experience Platform 10 provides a full container supported solution that allows for smooth deployment flows between environments.

2. Faster Customer Data Analysis

With XP 10 marketers can collect, analyze, and take action on customer data even faster by having access to deeper audience segment insights that improve omnichannel personalization capabilities that grow customer bases.

3. Deeper Audience Segmentation

New filtered analytics reports now allow marketers to:

  • View different audience segments
  • See what content is receiving the most engagement across segments
  • Highlight personalization opportunities
  • Easily and quickly activate or adjust content for the optimal customer experience
  • 4. Development and Delivery

    XP 10 now offers support options for Docker, Kubernetes, and Sitecore-provided image repositories that allow delivery teams to more easily transition over to a continuous delivery model with infrastructure-as-code deployments. This also can improve efficiency and team onboarding. Developers have a faster way of building solutions with the inclusion of the ASP.NET Core SDK and headless rendering host architecture.

    What’s new in Sitecore Experience Commerce 10?

    1. Product Bundling and Promotions

    Sitecore XC 10 provides companies with a solution that delivers differentiated commerce experiences to their customers. This launch offers additional tools that help companies increase average order values and revenue by providing capabilities such as product bundling and promotions. To exemplify this, companies can sell related or similar products/services together for a single price by using the product bundling feature. This will not only improve order values but also increase the number of products/services sold.

    2. Broad Support for Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes

    XC 10 offers broad support for Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes that facilitates faster deployment and easy maintenance and offers companies the ability to optimize resources based on web traffic.

    3. Sitecore Experience Commerce Quick Start

    Sitecore, as well as partners, offer Sitecore Experience Commerce Quick Start program that helps companies migrate to or launch a digital storefront in as soon as two months.

    When will Sitecore XP 10 and XC 10 be available?

  • Sitecore Experience Platform 10 is available now
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce 10 will be available mid-August
  • Want to kickstart your business' digital experience with XP 10 and XC 10? Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on upgrading.

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