Adobe Search&Promote End Of Life Replacement

Adobe Search&Promote End-Of-Service

Adobe Search&Promote will stop operating on the 1st of September, 2022.

The user interface won’t be accessible anymore and any requests to the APIs won’t deliver results.

While technology end-of-services can be very disappointing for businesses, they’re using a blessing in disguise and can force your organization to step up their game and invest in a new solution that can boost your ROI.

If you’re using Adobe Search&Promote, I highly recommend moving to a different search solution now (see below for an industry leading recommendation).

In fact, you should never continue using a technology when it has stopped being supported. Failing to do so can lead to a lot of consequences that can be extremely costly, and lead to a slew of legal, security and maintenance issues for your organization.

Why You Should Stop Using Your Unsupported Technologies

No Support

This might be an obvious one, but when a technology becomes unsupported, it is no longer maintained with technical support, patches, bug fixes and security upgrades. This can cause you a lot of problems including failures and downtime, and can be costly and time consuming to resolve problems, which you’ll often only be able to resolve with temporary fixes.

Compromised Security

When an end of support announcement is made, your product security is at a dead halt and becomes completely compromised. hackers get excited because it gives them a new target. Because end of support technologies no longer have the security patches and updates, they are vulnerable to hack attempts.

If you keep unsupported technologies you can give hackers access to your environment and are making it more prone to attacks and data theft, as hackers can infiltrate your networks, cause havoc on your infrastructure, costly data loss, and steal your information.

This is especially important for government, financial or health industry organizations, where data and security breaches can lead to heavy fines and enormous legal or PR consequences.

Non-Compliance & Lack Of Reliability

IT ecosystems need to stay up to date with industry standards. With every new technology comes improved features, functionality and security that can seriously put your business ahead and give you a major advantage.

End of support technology can’t adapt as new technologies are released, or gain industry leading functionalities.

Adobe Search&Promote Replacement

Since you don’t want to be using unsupported technologies, now’s a perfect time to upgrade to a better search solution and really level-up your website experience.

Everyone’s talking about Coveo as the best replacement for Adobe Search&Promote.

Coveo is a machine learning search solution that learns about user intentions from their behaviour on the site, to  serve users the kind of content they’re most likely to be interested in.

This improves the user experience on your site because users no longer have to hunt for the content they’re after, improving your conversion and bounce rates, and resulting in a great relationship with your brand.

Coveo also has incredible analytics that can track user journeys on your site and understand your users and their intentions on a deep level, including knowing exactly what they’re after.

Coveo analytics is best known for helping users identify content gaps (when a user makes a search, but no relevant results are offered since the content doesn’t exist on your site). For marketers this kind of information about your users and your content is gold.

The look and feel of your search can also be completely customized with Coveo, so it integrates seamlessly with your site, and you can also index content from any other websites (even those outside AEM).

Content can be indexed and deployed from any other websites (even those outside AEM), and you make the filtering as advanced as you like, even personalizing discovery within segments.

If you’re not ready to hand over the reins to A.I., don’t stress, your marketing team can fine-tune the relevancy of the search results as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Either way, you’ll reduce a ton of time that you’d typically be spending setting up thousands of rules to run your search solution.

The Transition From Adobe Search&Promote To Coveo

The first thing you'll notice after transitioning to Coveo is how much easier it is to set up and manage.

You'll have even better features with Coveo than you did with Search&Promote, like machine learning and A.I. models, and it all comes ready to deploy.

Check out this video to learn how smooth your transition from Adobe Search&Promote to Coveo will be.

If you’d like to learn more about Coveo, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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